I call it Stealing

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Masked Bandit-Article Thief

Masked Bandit-Article Thief

I’m not an SEO specialist. I have a vague idea of some of the internal workings, but make no mistake about it, what I know is about 3 drops in a 5 gallon bucket. Now I’m facing a problem that I never considered. There is a website out there using several of my articles without giving me credit. Meaning no anchor text links, nothing at all back to my site.

I don’t claim to be an angel, I’m not. One thing for sure is that we, meaning both of my wonderful sisters and I were raised to be honest. The parental units did a great job by and large, considering parenting me was like controlling perpetual motion. My sisters are both good people. My wife is the most honest straight shooter ever, she no lie, ever. That is one reason I love her. Even if she is too honest with me sometimes. So sometimes when I complain about something like this very issue, she will say “you are too naive, people do that stuff all the time”. It always shocks me because I see good in everyone, (almost everyone) and can’t believe it when someone lies or steals, except George W. Bush. My old lady is more realistic about it.

This is not about guitars. It is about the gall and audacity of stealing hard working writers’ articles and taking credit. No one deserves more credit than the dedicated untiring authors of legitimate blogs. We writers work endlessly creating good content so that we can entertain our readers and get recognized, perhaps even make a living at this someday. We don’t make a darn thing monetarily for writing these articles, we just do it for self expression and a stab at recognition.

Anyway, I have received six pingbacks from this site, which is using six of my posts, all on the same day. One article they posted out of the six, has the proper anchor text links in it. The other five would appear to other readers as if the articles were produced by that site. I don’t know how I can get a pingback when there is not a visible way anywhere on the stolen articles that I wrote them and that they were generated by Guitar Players Center.

I have received some solid advise from one of my colleagues in the blogging world with a good deal of SEO experience. He suggests contacting Goggle, since there are Google Adds on the thief’s site. I expect that to do it, but I will accept any other honest ways to deal with it. Please leave them in the comment box. Guitar Players Center hopes this does not happen to you. It really sucks. Do us a favor, share this article. Lets stop this type of theft of our posts. Thanks for listening. I look forward to your input.

I will share with you the out come of this as a soon as I have one.

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  1. Terrible but when you write great articles people want to steal! They aren’t even allow to republish your writings even if they are linking back without your permission. If that were the case people would copy every article on guitars just to have a site will millions of pages of content for free. I would look into it, SOME say that Google will penalize you both for having duplicate content out there.

  2. You are absolutely right, Danny. it is plagiarism which is just a wimp stealing stuff s/he isn’t smart enough to write him/herself. Embarrassing!! But, an ironic compliment to you (And I used my bestest English to say that).

  3. Hi Daniel, Left a comment with a couple of links re: responding to sploggers who steal your content. Must have redirected to your spam folder.

  4. wow bummer story Danny. I hope it has a swift and satisfactory resolution. I look forward to reading how this plays out in the future.

  5. Good article! You and your ol’lady are right!

  6. Duplicated content is a reason for which you can get penalized by Google, but in such cases, Google can tell who’s been there first. However it is not something to live with without trying to do something about it. You should watch the site to see if it will happen again. Anyway, in case you want to search some more, use http://copyscape.com/ maybe you can find other sites too.

  7. Great piece Danny, it’s tough out there for sure. I just found a site called zazzle the other day, and low and behold two of my pictures were stolen..audacity is right – they pilfered the images off google image search, had my copyright, my signature, but they were making whatever they could out of them to sell.

    Immediately I contacted the copyright department, and within an hour they were taken off. I was surprised how quickly. I have never sold or mass produced my images because of the copyright issues under many of the musicians.. this takes big… callones (sp) but didn’t want to put balls.. hehe..

  8. As one person pointed out, copyscape will help you seek out infringers. What you do about it from there is up to you. Notifying Google is a good first step. In Canada, work is legally copyrighted as soon as it is created. All you have to do is include the copyright symbol, the date and the owner of the content (your name). You could likely pursue legal actions.

  9. Sorry this happened to you. I don’t understand why people don’t follow the mantra “Do the right thing”. If you ask for permission, credit the author, and throw a little love in the writer’s direction, my guess is that most bloggers will allow you to re-post their work. You just have to follow the proper protocol!

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