One thing that is highly overrated is taking online guitar lessons from your guitar idol or your favorite guitar player. That is a noble idea, but not everybody that is a great guitar player can teach you to play the guitar. The paradigm I mentioned holds true in almost every learning experience. My first guitar lessons were not online guitar lessons, heck, computers were not even close to being invented that long ago. I went to a private guy who specialized in guitar lessons for children and kids as well as guitar lessons for adults.

Judging who you want to have teach your kid beginners guitar should have nothing to do with playing ability. It should have everything to do with qualifications and teaching skills. My first teacher was a disciplined classical and Spanish guitar teacher. He was a very good guitar player, he never reached his potential as a musician because he simply was not a good enough player. But he could teach. He was a gifted guitar teacher of the caliber everyone should have.

Do you know what the word fungible means? Fungible refers only to the ease of exchanging one unit of a commodity with another unit of the same commodity. Simply out, not all guitar teachers are fungible. Some guitar teachers are excellent teachers and some teachers stink. They think they can teach because they are good players.

I had a teacher like that once. I think he spent more time dazzling me with his playing expertise, because he could not teach, plain and simple, he could not put his vibe into a well crafted understandable lesson plan. He certainly entertained himself showing me all of his fancy moves and skills, yet I learned very little because he had no idea how to put it in understandable terms. But he was a great guitar player.

Choosing a course to teach kids guitar, regardless of whether you examine the JamPlay Review online guitar lessons with videos or a private tutor, it is all for nothing if you are taught poor habits or incorrect materials. A bad teacher can set you back a long way. I don’t take formal lessons anymore. But after my last learning experience, there is no doubt in my mind that the right teacher is a major key to success.

There is no short cut to learning to play the guitar as a kid. I have found out that there are relatively few shortcuts in life. Everything I undertake, from learning the guitar, to being the best at anything I do starts with hard work habits. It’s important to note that work habits don’t have to be unpleasant. So, I make my routine practice sessions fun.

The idea that practicing is not fun, but playing is fun is a fallacy. I make sure every time I pick up my guitar I have fun, I make the process fun so I look forward to playing every day. It is a state of mind, like doing homework, that the idea of practicing something over and over to learn it is torture and unusual punishment.

Whatever you make a commitment, it will require some sort of discipline and learning. Make a commitment to your kids, give them a lifetime of fun and learning with guitar lessons for kids or children. A top notch accredited program will not only make your kids life more enjoyable, but it’s a proven fact, kids and children who take online guitar lessons, read and learn faster and better than children without a guitar and music foundation.