Buy Adult Guitar Lessons, Damnit.

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Buy Adult Guitar Lessons, Damnit.

Buy Adult Guitar Lessons, Damnit.

I rank 4th in Google almost all of the time for adult guitar lessons. Today is number 2 when you Google the above phrase. Although it may vary from day to day. And most of the time I have an article about adult guitar lessons in the top 10 or 15.  We rank highly for guitar lessons for adults as well. Try it, copy adult guitar lessons, then click the link [below] that says Google, that will take you to Google, then paste it in a search the term. Tell me where it pops up, please. Google

How many people take online guitar lessons of some sort? I have taken private guitar lessons twice in my life. I have also used online guitar lessons with dvd’s and online videos. I have used free YouTube guitar lessons. It’s all good.

Guitar lessons from a private tutor with credentials to teach are great, if you can find a qualified tutor. It is harder to find a tutor now than it was in the 60’s [when I took private guitar lessons from a real master/not a rock star]. Once you get past the absolute basics of guitar lessons for beginners, which is taught in a fairly standardized manner due to the fact most guitar teachers use one of three or so of the best guitar tuition books. After that it’s anyone’s guess [and your money] as to if that person is really qualified.

That is one of the beauties of the voice recorder or recorded sound. In the late 1800’s Edison was right there with the invention of the ”voice recorder” or ”gramophone”. His idea was that if we record sounds, such as music or voices, then it can be presented to many people for enjoyment, as opposed to waiting or traveling to hear professional musicians or speakers. Very advanced thinking, because the internet is the ultimate way to deliver information.

With that thought in mind, and the realistic lack of qualified private teachers; we can use the power of the internet to deliver quality adult guitar lessons, guitar lessons for beginners and even more advanced techniques by qualified teachers right in your living room or ”make a lot of noise” room in a well organized learn at home curriculum.

If I suggested that there is a guitar course available for adults, which was cheap, with an appealing teacher and understandable methods, would you be interested? In my ongoing research for suitable adult guitar lessons I found this site and went ahead and forked over the $47.00. Give me a break, a private tutor worth their salt costs 100 bucks a month depending on where you live. It’s more like 150 bucks per month in Washington DC. [And you can only see your private teacher once a week]!

Well, $47.00 buys a lifetime membership, and the site is always being added to or updated and the teacher is easy to get a hold of for anything you need help with. I’m an intermediate player, at least, and if you can teach me something viable for 47.00 dollars, I’ll take it. Anyone playing the guitar for a while and is pretty good or very good at it will tell you that.

I’m impressed and am going to examine more of the guitar lessons for adult beginners, and get on to the more complicated stuff and test him out. But I can tell you this. I randomly chose to analyze the C7 chord as a silly test. Mainly because I figured out a new Jimi Hendrix C7 chord and had to see if it was taught on the site. There it was played by Keith Dean [instructor] on video with a diagram placed in the perfect spot on the screen.

That was a very convincing start, so I won’t go for a refund. As I said, for $47.00 how can you loose? Get a refund if you don’t like it. I understand being skeptical about online guitar lessons. If you read my blog you know I’m passionate and sincere about playing the guitar. I don’t want to put my reputation on the line either.

So if you are thinking about adult guitar lessons or actively shopping for guitar lessons for adults, I sincerely recommend [without any sensationalistic hype] to try these guitar lessons for grownups and see what you think. Let me know if you do, at least I have had a good time [and learned something] each time I frequented adult guitar lessons site. By the way, did I mention it is a digital download so you buy them right now and get going. I’m impulsive and don’t like to wait when I find a cure. This is your cure. Do it now.

{Every time you buy an adult guitar lesson course, I get paid a small amount of money, it’s only fair to tell you. Like I said, I don’t lie or bullshit about guitar lessons, so you can feel fairly comfortable that they are what I say they are. Either way you can get an immediate and easy refund, Thanks, Danny]

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