Why, you ask, a lifetime committed Washington Redskin fanatic considered by his mother who, of course, rasied me right,  being the second greatest Redskin fan ever(she is the first), would make such a bold staement?

Just as our economy struggles as it seems to be falling apart, piece by piece, the Cowboys are falling apart piece by piece-truly America’s Team.

All Hail, Washington Redskins.  Root, Root.  Guitar Players Center.

Current State of The Cowboys

Current State of The Cowboys

3 Responses to At last I’m willing to concede The Dallas Cowboys are now America’s Team!

  1. Wow! nice analogy.

  2. All Hail from a fan of yours!

  3. Hey, I’m in Cleveland and I sure hope the Redskins smash the browns (though I am proud of the dog pound for toppling the Gianst)!

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