Adult Guitar Lessons: Adult learning experience

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Being an effective guitar teacher involves understanding how adults learn best. Compared to children and teens, adults have special needs and requirements as learners. Despite all of the online guitar lessons claiming to be the best, adult learning is a relatively new area of study. Which is why this is one of the first guitar lessons for adults programs that is truly effective.

Although teaching adults using different learning techniques is relatively new as field of study, it is just as serious as conventional education and carries and potential for greater success for adults interested in learning guitar. Of course, the heightened success requires more responsibility on the part of the teacher. Guitar students of adult age always come to the course with predetermined expectations.

Almost always, there are barriers to their learning. The best motivation for adult education is:  interest and selfish benefit. It has to be shown by the teacher that the correct adult guitar lessons course [recommended] benefits them pragmatically [practically], that they will perform better, and the benefits will be long lasting, effectively etching them in  muscle memory

Much of being an effective instructor involves understanding how adults learn best. Compared to children, kids and teens, adults have special needs and requirements when learning guitar as a grownup. Simply put, adult learning and the concept of effective adult guitar lessons is a relatively new area of study.

•   Adults are self governing and self-directed. They need to be free to direct themselves. Guitar teachers must actively involve adult guitar students in the learning process and serve as facilitators for them. Specifically, they must get participants’ perspectives about what guitar music to play and let them learn songs that reflect their interests. They should allow the participants to assume responsibility for recital preparation. Finally, the teacher must show students how the class will help them reach their goals with a personal goals sheet.
•  Adults have accumulated a structure of life experiences and knowledge that may include work activities, family responsibilities, and previous education.  Ideally they need to connect learning guitar to the appropriate knowledge/experience base. To help them do so, they should draw out participants’ experience and knowledge.
•   Adults are goal-oriented. Upon choosing a course, they usually know what goal they want to attain. They appreciate an educational program that is organized and has clearly defined elements. Guitar tutors must show participants how this curriculum will help them attain their goals.
•   Adults are relevancy-oriented. They must see a reason for learning something. Learning has to be relevant to be of value to them. Therefore, educators must identify goals for adult participants before the course begins. This means that theories and concepts must be related to a background familiar to participants. This need can be fulfilled by letting participants eventually choose music to play that reflects their own enjoyment.
•    Adults are practical, focusing on the aspects of a guitar lesson most useful to them. They may not be interested in knowledge for its own sake. Instructors must tell participants explicitly how the lesson will be useful to them become better players.
•    As do all learners, adults need to be shown respect. Instructors must encourage  the musical experiences that adult participants bring to the classroom. These adults should be treated as equals in experience and knowledge and allowed to voice their opinions freely in class.

Motivating the Adult Learner is being presented next in this series on guitar lessons for adults and how adults learn to play guitar differently than kids and children and why adult guitar lessons will provide the desired results for you, an adult.

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