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Broken guitar neck repairs

Daniel (Danny) Lehrman



Broken Guitar Neck Repair Specialists.

  1. Setup work.
  2. Fret work.
  3. Electronic repairs and upgrades.
  4. Damaged guitar bodies, and necks.
  5. Electric Tube Amplifier repairs.


Contact Me by E-Mail

Phone: EST 1-772-979-2887 EST. 

Email: (use Guitar Repairs as the subject line)



New Services: Tube Guitar Amplifier Repairs | Banjos 


Experience  Guitar  Repair  and  Setup is an old fashioned one man, fully operational  guitar repairs-setup-maintenance shop, offering a  full line of common guitar repairs and, Banjo services, (even custom models) at affordable prices. All repairs are performed by me personally, with the care and attention your guitar deserves and you expect. I am not a luthier, meaning I do not build guitars, or have a special pedigree. My specialty is repairing broken guitars, upgrading guitars, and making them play better.

My only goal is quality work at an affordable price. I am not a high volume repair shop, rather, choosing to produce top quality work for affordable prices in a timely manner. As a matter of interest, I’m not afraid of any repair, as unusual as said repair may be to you, so contact me first. I may be the small shop that can handle the job that no one else can.

The fact is: A properly setup guitar or banjo is easier to play, sounds better, and promotes gratification. A small price to pay for long term results. Don’t cheat yourself by playing an out of specification guitar. In fact, my guitar students get a lesson in guitar setup, should they want it.


  1. Setup work
  2. Fret work
  3. Electronic repairs and upgrades
  4. Damaged guitar bodies, and necks
  5. Amplifier Repairs

Call or Email me with specific questions. I communicate better in spoken words.

Florida, USA
Phone 1-772-979-2887 EST
Email: Contact Me(use Guitar Repairs as the subject line)

Hours: 8 am to 6 pm EST. 

For DIYers.

Guitar repairsLearn and Master Spotlight Series Guitar Set-Up with Greg Voros.

DIY String Change: If you’re interested in a string change, buy the above tutorial, or, allow me to teach you how to do it yourself. It only costs 25 dollars plus the strings and I’ll show you how to do it all by yourself. Keep an extra set of strings around.

String-Change/Setup/Adjustments: Learn how to do a basic setup and string change on most guitars as described in Learn and Master Spotlight Series Guitar Set-Up with Greg Voros. Or, for 75.00 dollars plus the strings and any other parts, allow me to do it. DIY can be done at home with a few common and inexpensive tools as often as an adjustment is needed. A well setup guitar plays and sounds a lot better. Discounts may apply to more than one person per class, so ask your friends to attend as well and pay less.

 Experience Guitar Repairs Setup Maintanance