Seniors Want to Play Guitar Too.

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  Finger tips DLPSThis post is not one of my regular online guitar lesson reviews, I want to share the experience of teaching  a senior citizen to play the guitar. As you know, I am a guitar teacher, one of my students is 70 plus, years old. He is an absolute beginner guitar player. I admire him for wanting to learn such a difficult instrument  at his age.

Although my website offers top quality online guitar lessons in several formats, private guitar lessons are my recommendation for first time senior citizens who want to learn guitar.

Teaching him has physical, and mental challenges for me to solve. His fingers are old, and have less manual dexterity. The loss of dexterity is normal at that age, however, dexterity can be gained if the problem is approached logically, and a good solution is created. Unusual situations require unusual strategies and solutions. Muscle memory is the secret.

Because the required actions of the fingers, or little athletes, take time to develop, the act of picking one clean-fretted note is an achievement. The things most people take for granted such as strumming six strings in one even stroke are difficult. Patience, caring, and dedication to my student is my secret.

Many senior citizens are not technology literate , thus rendering online video guitar lessons useless. If one chooses to buy Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar DVD guitar lesson course, the human element is still missing, and that is the biggest difference between learning online, and in face-to-face, private guitar lessons.

I do not think online guitar lessons are in the best interest of a first time senior guitar student. I get involved, I stand his fingers on their tips while he pushes a string between two frets to picking a note. It is a slow process, however, it is gratifying to him, he smiles a lot, and asks questions.

Our next lesson will include changing his strings to the lightest gauge acoustic ones available  His strength is low, that will help him push the fretted string down easier.

 Play the guitar. Become Smarter.

One post will not cover the detailed strategy I use, because of that, I will split the article into several posts, concerning the main challenges a good guitar teacher faces in effectively teaching a senior citizen to play guitar. Please, if this does not apply to you, read my guitar lesson reviews, or, best of all, try the free guitar lessons, and free trial periods. The worst thing that can happen is you will have fun.


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