Ask any one who plays the guitar at a championship level if it was all fun and games getting there. Most of us have made an attempt at some point to become the best at something. The choices are endless concerning what you may desire to be “The Man” at. To play the guitar is one of my disciplines of choice, being hard wired mechanically and having the instincts to repair anything mechanical from a car transmission to a $4000.00 PRS custom axe is another one of my gifts.

The point is that a lot of sacrifices must be made in order to practice enough to reach the top.
It is not always easy or fun and sometimes we just want to give it up. The thing is if you give it up, you may never know how close you were to succeeding at what you are doing.

The young lady pictured on a horse is my niece. I know she is the prettiest and smartest niece in the world, you all know I have no bias to anything! Kara has loved horses for a long time, she has been very active and forcefully consistent about her training routines. I know it’s murder on her Mom (my sister), but my Sister loves watching her grow as a person and become a very competitive rider. Dorothy (my sissy) makes sure that Kara (my niece) gets to her horse lessons on time and to the competitions. Sometimes they travel hundreds of miles to compete.

Kara has paid the price, and is not done yet either. This picture is one where they traveled to North Carolina from Washington D.C. to compete. What I know about this particular competition is that she won first place in most or all of the categories she competed in and at the end of the show she was awarded the overall Championship Trophy.

I’ve known her for 14 years. We have a great relationship and stay in touch on Facebook. She is obviously a beautiful child, but this kid has it all. She is extraordinarily smart and highly focused. Her devotion to school (she takes some upper math courses) and sticking to the task at hand is unusual and intense. Not that I had anything to do with it, but now she has taken up the guitar. We gave her a Luna Muse Parlor Acoustic Guitar, one we (my wife and I) found to be a great guitar at an affordable price, we chose from several models as suggested in the article discussing The Trend For Girls Guitars is Forcing The Guitar Industry to Rethink their Strategy….

I know for sure that the efforts that her and her mom have taken to become a top caliber horse rider will go into playing the guitar. She just started guitar lessons and from what I gather she has a good teacher. It may take time to become fully dedicated to her new discipline, but I expect to be jamming with her in a while. I would bet all her parents cool stuff that she becomes a darn good player some day. It is in her genes to do it. The point Guitar Players Center makes is that A Logical and Effective Method to Practice The Guitar, applies to anything you pursue and expect to become sucessful at.

There is no cheating ‘mother nature’, you have to pay the price, make the sacrifice and feel the gratification that enters your body when you achieve your goals. The Seven Realistic Steps to Being the Best Guitar Player you can be… provides a realistic approach to becoming the best at anything you want to be. It is the paradigm that we need to embrace to succeed.

Make sure you read the articles that the text links take you to to understand the type of practice techniques that make us the best we can be. Enjoy.

PS. Her Dad (Jay) is the best, I’m one lucky SOB to have him as a bro in law. Actually I have another great bro in law to, but he is another story. Jay is very involved with my nephews ice hockey, and he uses similar paradigms as Dorothy and Kara to promote and make it fun for Mark, it is murder on Jay too. Everyone should have such devoted parents. The seeds fell real close to the tree in this family. Mark is one of the best players on his team, he is 10 years old, I think! Mark is a non-stop walking talking sports informational machine who started to play the trumpet recently. What a delight! I can’t wait to see them soon.

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  1. You are right, bro, that is some beautiful and talented young lady. Her whole family sounds fabulous!!

  2. wow! I’m smiling all day!!!

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