To play the guitar is nice after a tough day.

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Play The Guitar. Enjoy Yourself.

Play The Guitar. Enjoy Yourself.

I spent from 10 AM to 3PM yesterday, 4/8/10, preparing a spreadsheet for my tiny 1 man guitar repair shop called Experience Guitar Repair & Setup. 1-772-979-2887. OK. I got a plug in. Basically my mind was cooked. So at that point, it did not matter, I was going to play the guitar.

The pain was all gone….but, all of a sudden I became aware of my wife trying to get my attention. I was absorbed at the time, enjoying some newly discovered vibe and speed in my picking hand. Any positive gains I get are a big deal now. Anyway, I was beginning to drool, I was so deep into what I was playing. I was playing way to loud for the house. And, I know exactly what I was playing. It was a Danny modified version of assorted Jimi Hendrix vibes with some Stevie Ray Vaughan mixed in, not necessarily a song.

A Jimi Hendrix vibe can only be understood by a handful of people. Everyone loves Jimi’s ability to extract everything out of a guitar and it’s subsystems and effects components.  But, I only know of three people, right off the bat that don’t need that explained to them, other than me. One guy just died. My super good old friend Richard Mac, Mac(a friend), AC,  and someone I’m forgetting about.

Bam, back on earth again, it was time to turn my amp off, my left pinkie and ring finger were falling asleep. I hope my elbow surgery is soon. My wife and I spoke and she left. I put my Clapton Strat back on the stand.

Now I have to practice more than ever to maintain and improve. I can amuse myself hours at a time, which leads to more playing or practicing. Call it what you want. Developing more right hand vibe (rhythm) and picking speed is what separates the men from the boys. Vibe comes from your soul, especially in the blues, so no two guitar players can be exactly the same.

I don’t think that the blues is the only genre of music that requires emotion. Every genre of music has it’s emotional value. What ever you play, you have to practice a lot and reach a certain skill level before you have the physical skills to play with raw emotion. It is not a race, so it does not matter what style or difficulty level of music you play, it is only a matter of time. Practice time.

When I start to drool, that is a good sign in a way (what comes after drooling?), I’m deep into the zone at that point, which means I’m really having a great time and very emotionally deep into my playing. Someday I’ll remember to record it. It takes a while to wind down after so much emotion is spent, but man that is a purely gratifying experience. I’ll think about my session for a long time afterward, and hope to re-capture that raw emotion when I play the blues tomorrow.

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  1. pzychotropic

    Like the pic – Happiness is a fine stratocaster 🙂
    Sorry about the loss of your guitaring friend… all the more reason to pursue the guitar vibe. We all have to face our mortality sometime, so might as well try to achieve the ultimate experience in at least one thing.
    As for what comes after drooling, ( something I used to do when I was in the zone), it’s probably not noticing that you’ve worn holes in your finger tips.
    Thankfully(?) I have nice thick calluses to protect my fretboarding digits. 🙂

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