Learn To Play Guitar

Learn To Play Guitar

My “learn to play the guitar online guitar lessons-course” arrived the other day. I mentioned in an earlier post on Tab Guitar Lessons that I was going to get a hold of this course one way or the other. It is here, I broke down a had it shipped. It arrived the other day, I was very exited to get it. The lesson was very professionally packed and everything was packed for safety. For me that is a good start, but the real surprises came when I looked through the huge book that comes with the course, first.

The book itself is a work of art. It is full of critical information every guitar player should learn and have at their disposal. Meaning that beginner guitar players will have a well thought out book with everything needed to learn to play the guitar from the very basics to the most complicated musical theory possible. Veteran guitarists will have a well engineered dictionary of guitar theory at hand.

FYI: The information in this book is similar to the information I was taught during the 3 years I took electric guitar lessons from a local teacher every week. They cost was $75.00 per month at #4—30 minutes lessons a month. My teacher was trained at Berkley Music college in Boston, Ma. He also had a short stint at the Julliard Music School in New York, too.

The way I received information from my teacher was in an unorganized and mildly confusing way, at times. Although I was given technically accurate information on guitar theory, it was not as well organized as it could have been and he hand wrote my lessons into a 3 ring note pad. There was a lot less structure in Richards lessons than the online guitar lessons course that arrived. I often left my lessons retaining less than I would have liked to. The good side is it made my memory even better. To a point, I may not have learned as much as was possible, on the other hand, it is possible Richard had a real good bead on me, and how to teach me. Bottom line: My will to learn is my secret to how I succeed at everything I do. (My old lady will testify to that)

Most people want to learn how to play easy guitar songs in a short amount of time, perhaps a few months. Gratification is paramount for the beginner guitar player, in order to be successful. To much theory shoved down your throat in the beginning ruins the fun. It also cost me a lot more taking lessons on a weekly basis than buying this course, in the long run. It is nice having an excellent book and dvds available to look at if you forget part of the lesson, instead of waiting until next weeks lesson.

Back to the book. One of the most common questions asked to me is what about chords for children and people with small hands? What an advantage it is for folks who don’t have hands big enough to play guitar chords that are complicated and use a large stretch. Right off the bat the book explains about how two similar sounding chords (same key, same voicing) can be played in different ways than a big chord. The Ultimate Guide to chords has plenty of excellent examples of smaller chords for small hands, or children’s hands, easy to play and sound exactly like the hard to play chords. I’m sure this will cure the inherent ‘pain’ guitarists feel as they learn to play the guitar and continue their quests to learn. Like an aspirin, this course is a real pain killer.

As one learns to play the guitar, your stretch will increase, it comes naturally as your hands develop and muscle memory takes over. However, folks with small hands may never be able to grab chords that require the stretch I have. In fact, there will be chords to learn that I will have to increase the stretch my fingers even more, for the rest of my life. A smaller guitar, perhaps a 3/4 sized guitar is a good option for folks with small hands. A small guitar does not mean a crummy guitar. Once any guitar is setup correctly, it will play and sound as good as any other guitar.

Regardless of what level you play the guitar at, the book is worth every bit of the cost of the course as a reference book. With that in mind, even an experienced guitar player should have this book close in hand. I enjoy buying online guitar lessons and trying them out. I always come out with a bit more knowledge. I’ll keep you informed as I use the whole course. Although I’m an intermediate player, this course will have plenty to teach me too, as well as a beginner guitarist. Enjoy. GuitarPlayersCenter.com

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  4. ohh that’s really great news…. i am really a big fan of it and i wana learn how to play it but now a days i am busy in my exams after that i must contact with you…thank you so much for starting this course online for us….

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