Learn to Play Guitar

Learn to Play Guitar

When it comes down to how people choose to spend their spare time, doing something valuable seems appropriate. It bugs the shit out of me when I see kids/people who are addicted to XBox 360 and similar high tech computer games. I’ll say right off the bat I have played one computer game in my life, it did nothing for me. In essence, I’m not much of an authority on computer games, except for what I see and hear from moms and dads and gamers. My spare time is used in a way that my mom and dad approve of: learn to play guitar. (I’m 56 years old)!

Practicing my guitar is not spare time to me, it is essential time. Throughout the history of the guitar and it’s ancestors, playing the guitar has always been very glamorous and reserved for the privileged. The guitar player always gets the girls, or vice versa. Obviously, anyone can learn to play guitar nowadays, and, only by owning and playing a guitar can one find out what passions compel people to learn guitar and embrace practicing and playing the guitar as an everyday exercise.

It has been said, the guitar is the easiest instrument to learn to play bad, and, the hardest instrument to play good. I won’t argue that point, you are reading a blog by someone who practices to play. And never practices while playing. The bottom line is that with the proper online guitar lessons for your needs, having undisturbed, regular and consistent practice sessions, you have a solid recipe for success.

XBoxers, can easily spend a bunch of time and money buying the equipment for gaming and then spend unusual amounts of time in dark rooms playing against other competitors or themselves. Realistically speaking, XBoxers have plenty of skills and it consumes lots of time developing them. But when the game ends, what do you have to take home or show your friends for it? Not much unless they are into gaming.

There seems to be so much more offered by learning to play guitar using guitar lesson dvd’s. One of the excuses made by an angry guitar hero player was ”I don’t have the time to practice the guitar”. That was an exact comment from one of my readers in a Guitar Hero post I wrote a while back. Then he probably got re-involved in an Xbox or Guitar Hero game for the next 3 to 5 hours. I guess my guitar practice time, is like gaming time to a gamer.

Clinical tests have proven the fact that kids who get involved in music classes at school as young as 8 or 9 years old are generally smarter, have better grades, have better cognitive skills and a superior memory to non-musical students. Guitars are what I’m talking about here, but any musical instrument will serve the purpose. Students who play guitar should take a break and get up to exercise periodically.

Most guitar players, myself included, need to come up for air and out of the zone periodically. It is important to the health of your hands to take a practice break every hour to hour and a half, for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Your initial investment to buy a cheap guitar and an online guitar lessons course is pretty low compared to an XBox and a computer, and chances are playing the guitar will lead to activities such as entertaining a boyfriend/girlfriend, family or playing in a band and interacting with other musicians at a jam session.

I hope my point is well taken. I don’t care what gamers and Guitar Hero addicts think. Learn to play guitar and enjoy a lifetime of fulfillment, music is fun, it is also the universal language. Think about suggesting to some one or acting for yourself, regardless of your age, to become a beginner guitar player or brush up on your chops, even if it has been a few years. You won’t be disappointed. GuitarPlayersCenter.com

12 Responses to Learn to Play Guitar: XBox and Guitar Hero Suck.

  1. I must say that I take exception with a categorical dismissal of Guitar Hero and the like. As someone who has grown up in the world of video games I believe that they, just like any other diversion, have their place in moderation. In fact, I only decided to learn guitar after playing Guitar Hero. I got to a certain point in the game where I realized to progress further in the game would take practice, and decided that I would rather practice real guitar (and have a somewhat usable real world skill) rather than practice Guitar Hero and have a skill that no one would care about a decade from now.

    As hard as it has been to learn how to play guitar, I do not regret that decision. That being said, I do still play Guitar Hero. Why? First and foremost, it’s entertainment. Do you watch movies or TV? If so, for you those are a way to be entertained, and Guitar Hero for me is the same. I pick it up, play a couple songs, have fun, and call it a day. Secondly I find it actually helps me SOME with real guitar. Not that playing Guitar Hero in any way qualifies someone to call themselves a guitarist on its own, I do find that it really helps my rhythm and allows me to keep a beat better.

    Do I agree with you that the people who will sink 5 hours a day into Xbox while saying they have no time for real guitar are fooling themselves? Absolutely. I do have to say they that in presenting your argument you end up being a bit off putting with your generalizations about Guitar Hero and the people who play it, and generally just come off as curmudgeonly.

  2. Thank you for your response. I agree, almost anything in moderation is good. That is my only beef with games, for the most part. It is great to hear guitar hero leads to playing the guitar.

    I’m not a tv guy or movies, probably dull by most standards, but i enjoy my motorcycles and walking my dog as entertainment.

    Take care and thanks again,


  3. I couldn’t agree with you more! Thanks for putting some research and thought behind what many parents believe!

  4. pzychotropic

    I seriously doubt anyone on this planet has taken up real guitar because they were inspired by Guitar Hero, whatever they say!

    There is no connection between using that glorified guitar shaped keyboard and a real guitar and there is no way that being a skilled Hero player will help in any conceivable way to be a guitarist. To learn guitar you need…you guessed it…a guitar!

    Don’t get upset gamers.. I’m a keen gamer myself, but Guitar Hero just ain’t my bag 🙂

  5. I’m not a gamer, but well said Mac.

    I had a fleeting 3 minutes of creativity the other day. It was so fast I forgot what I did! It gets harder and harder. I think i pissed off a few gamers. Hey, when was the last time a gamer shit his pants or drooled!!!!

    Talk to you soon,

  6. @pzychotropic:

    You caught me. I was lying.

    Seriously, how can you make such sweeping generalization comfortably. A great Guitar Hero player does not translate into a great guitarist (and from my experience vice versa), but you can’t just categorically dismiss it nor those of us who have picked up the guitar because of Guitar Hero. Admittedly there are few of us; I’m the only one I know personally. However, we do exist.

  7. I agree with you 100%. I wrote this blog partly for the effect. I’m glad it had an effect on you. I like your vibe. You are very perceptive. Sometimes I pick out a sensitive subject to blog on, or, as in this case, as I was walking my sweetie pie dog every day, we walked past a friends house who is addicted to gaming. I thought it is ashamed this smart kid does not apply his skills to the guitar, and so on..
    Stay in touch.


  8. I agree with the idea of starting to play guitar at an early age. Some kids might like it, others might hate it but at least they got to try. It’s much better to have the chance of learning an instrument as a kid as opposed to starting well into your 20’s or 30’s as many people do (better late than never, though).

    When it comes to how time is spent, to me there’s no doubt. Music learning is a far superior use of any child’s time.


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  10. Daneil, you are 57. You didnt grow up in the gaming generation. I dont expect you to understand why we “youngsters” use our time on games. Why do I play games? To see if I can beat them. Who ever says gaming is not a skill? Have you ever heard of gaming tournaments? I won a raptor four wheeler last year for playing guitar hero….. what did you say your guitar has gotten you? How hard is it to play a guitar VS Guitar hero? Almost the same. You may say different but you dont know. Im the lead guitarist in a real band, I play a real guitar. I am one out of tens of thousands who can play guitar very very well. I can get a perfect score on Guitar Hero’s Through Fire and Flames. That puts me in a catagory of about one in fifteen on the planet. My parents put a video game in my hand instead of an instrument, a computer on my desk instead of books. I now have a tech job that pays out 75k a year. Im 26 and I will be playing games and testing myself in every way until I die. Quote (But when the game ends, what do you have to take home or show your friends for it?) The game doesn’t end until you do. As for taking it home, my consol is usually there, and my friends are usually beside me. *~Five Great Circles~*

  11. Daniel,
    you definitely right in your post we are leaving in fast-food culture people are looking for lazy way of doing things. If learning the guitar is the subject there is no substitute for the real thing.

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