Learn To Play Guitar: Online Guitar Courses.

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Learn to Play Guitar

Learn to Play Guitar

We think everyone should learn to play guitar. It beats the heck out of playing XBox 360 all day in the darkness of your bedroom. I know they say that XBox enhances hand eye coordination and certain reflexes, but at the end of the game, what do you have to keep that is of much importance when it comes to life?

It is a proven fact that ”guitar lessons for beginners” increase your memory, cognitive skills, reading and writing, and muscle memory. It provides a great escape from the slings and arrows of everyday life, providing some necessary discipline to our lives and offers an entertainment value anywhere you choose to break out your guitar. Everyone loves the guitar player.

Becoming a beginner guitar player at any age is the start of making a solid commitment to take guitar lessons, spending an adequate amount of time practicing the guitar and being consistent in the amount of time devoted to your practice and educational needs. In the short or long run, to play the guitar is more worthy and fun to learn on many levels than playing XBox.

I’m a purveyor of guitar lessons. (that means I love to experience all sorts of guitar lessons, particularly online guitar courses, and tell you about them) Simply put, it is educational and fun to try some of the better online guitar courses. With so many online guitar courses available, and more coming out every day, realistically speaking, it is impossible to cover all of them, let alone knowing which ones are the best.

So, only the top courses, which I have spent plenty of time studying the sales pitches and free information provided are being reviewed and discussed. By The Way, every course I test drive and write about is payed for out of my pocket. Which is why I count on real life sales pitches that have something to tell me in terms I understand instead of sensationalistic sales pages that guarantee to ”play the guitar like Jimi Hendrix in 30 days”.

I think that you should have some background on me too. I am a solid intermediate guitar player. I had 4 years of classical guitar training by Aaron Shearer and George Yeatman from 1964 through 1967. I stopped playing classical guitar the first time I heard Jimi Hendrix sometime in 1967. It was not until 2005 (5 years ago in Feb 2010) that I started to play the guitar again, I wanted to find the best guitar teacher in the area.

The teacher I found seemed very suitable for my purpose, which was to learn to play like Jimi Hendrix. I  entered guitar lessons with the thought that I will tackle the hardest songs first. I go right for the most difficult vibes right off the bat. No easy to learn sings for me here. It never occured to me at the time, that I was in for a life long learning experience.

Most people decide to learn to play guitar so they can pluck a few easy guitar songs in a relatively short amount of time. For the majority of beginner guitar players this is the best way to start your guitar education. The main reasons for enjoying early success is that most people want to experience the fun of learning and playing an easy guitar song, especially ones you like. It is very realistic to meet this goal in a few months, if you stick with a good course, and practice every day, if you can.

I found out fast my teacher was a supremely gifted guitar player, in fact my wife and myself would go watch and listen him play his guitar in a band every Friday night for years (watching him was a lesson in itself). Whatever band he played with became much better due to his versatile skills. Check out their site and see who their most famous guitar graduate is.

Taking guitar lessons from Richard was great. After taking two years off from my guitar lessons to practice what he taught me, I was ready for some more advanced lessons to hone in more on my goals of playing the blues like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. As it turned out, I needed to find a new guitar teacher. It was at that point I decided to find an online guitar course that was everything it was supposed to be.

So far, this is the best ”learn to play guitar for beginners” course I have run across. I was very compelled to get a hold of it, and I now have the master course in my possession now. It was the information on the sales page that sold me. What I like so  much is that the instructor and developer of this course has a similar background in education to my old teacher Richard.

This whole course is very reminiscent of Richards, which I saved because I liked it a lot. It also proves to me that even though Richard did not teach me the same way most guitar teachers teach, his methods were widely accepted by the best musical institutions and the best guitar players in the world.

At some point very early on in any sales pitch or the actual lessons, or both to be sure, the person in the video, or the article you are reading has to accentuate the importance of learning every lesson to it’s fullest extent. And that you are not in a race, so you can go over the lesson material as many times as you want to.

This is one great thing about guitar lesson DVD’s, you can re-watch them over and over. If you go to a weekly lesson and forget part or all of your lesson, you have to wait until next week to get a live review of last weeks lesson. This is both expensive, since it guarantees you will need another expensive guitar lesson and time consuming.

Every guitar player, no matter what level you are at, feels the pain and urgency, which comes from a deep burning desire to become a better guitar player. As soon as I opened the learn guitar dvs and examined guitar lesson book, I was shocked at how well packaged it was.

The similarity to my first lessons, and the warmup exercises were a surprise to me. In reality it was even better than my first music book from Richard. This book is highly organized, easy to read and very understandable. Instead of hand written! Every guitar player should have one as a reference.

One more thing. This course teaches some easy guitar songs too. Richard did not teach songs, he taught music, it was up to me, the student to learn songs. It would have been nice to learn a few guitar songs in the beginning. Check it out, that’s free, you can even get your money back very easily if you don’t like it. Good luck and enjoy.

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