Willie Nelson is 76 years old today. There is not much to say about Willie that is new. I saw Willie Nelson in concert about a year and a half ago and wrote quite a bit on him in that post.

What I now know is that Willie and I almost share a birthday. His is today and mine is Tomorrow. Wow. He could be my dad really. He has 20 years on me.

Willie has forged a path that is hard to follow. His music, his movie career and being an advocate of legalizing pot and leaning more on bio-fuels has affected many people. His music is what we really love him for.

GuitarPlayersCenter is happy to present a few videos for your pleasure. Words don’t cut it when you describe Willie Nelson. Make sure you pay attention to his guitar playing skills, he is a great guitar player too. I noticed the paper said he was a songwriter-singer. You can’t leave out the guitar playing part.


5 Responses to Willie Nelson is 76 years old today..All Hail

  1. Free Willie! Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Willie, May you live to see your dreams come true.

  3. I’ve always loved Willie’s music and mojo! Happy B’day, old man1

  4. Willie has always been a fav of mine! Love his weathered looks and what he has added to music is beyond words! I listen to him when I need to be soothed.. 🙂

  5. Cheap Guitars

    From singing to acting, old Willie has entertained us!

    Happy Birthday Willie. Who says smoking you know what is bad for you? Just look at willie and the songs he’s written. You have to smoke something to come up with some of the songs and the roles he has played in movies.


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