Who is Elvin Bishop? He turned 66 today.

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Elvin Bishop. Juke Joint Jump

Elvin Bishop. Juke Joint Jump

When I was a teenager, Elvin Bishop simply turned us on. We loved his music and lyrics, always playing the right notes. Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Elvin Bishop has been singing and recording his wild rollicking style of electrified home made blues for almost 40 years. Bishop’s history making presence as a founding member of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band in the 1960s, his numerous chart-topping hits in the 1970s, and his domination of Alligator Records in the late 1980s and into the 1990s place him at the beginning of electric blues guitarists. Elvin’s music has a mixture of his blues roots with contemporary funk and rock taste with a bit of country and the relaxed feeling of his Northern California home.

Check out this video, get a dose of Elvin,

If this is not enough proof for you, then you are hopeless, and not a fan of the blues.

We know you are blues fans at Guitar Players Center. You can see more of Elvin on You Tube. Enjoy

5 Responses to Who is Elvin Bishop? He turned 66 today.

  1. I must admit I was not familiar with his music so far, I will check more about him on YT

  2. You will love him. I guarantee.

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  4. A new one for me,too! I’ll have to check him out!

  5. Wow, I’ve been a big fan of EB for a very long time. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band has some classic Elvin playing.
    “Raisin’ Hell” is one of the best live albums I’ve ever heard, and it was recorded during the Mickey Thomas vocals era of Elvin’s band (Fooled Around And Fell In Love). Complete with a superb horn section.
    I think my favorite song ever is “Travellin’ Shoes”, especially the live cut.
    Bishop has quite a sense of humor, as noted in the song ‘Sweet Potato’, not sure of the album right now, might be “The Resurrection of Pigboy Crabshaw”.


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