I can’t even carry on a conversation with someone when Stevie Ray Vaughan (SRV) is on the radio ( I can’t multi task anyway ). I find his music so compelling that it draws me in and won’t release me until the song is over. It’s a real shame his career was cut short. Stevie played his own style of Texas Blues and was a major influence on an unknown number of guitarists. It’s staggering to listen to a great radio station like Bandit Blues. I get fooled regularly by people who play the SRV vibe and sound very SRV like. I gotta check the radio dial and see if it is Stevie!

Some of the great guitar players to cover “Lenny” and other great SRV songs are Stanley Jordan, Eric Clapton, John Mayer and B.B. King. Everyone loves/d and respects SRV. Listeners and guitar players alike will keep his music alive forever. SRV is becoming even more popular now, most people nowadays recognize his popular hit “Pride and Joy”. There is a TV car commercial where the background music is SRV’s ” Pride and Joy”. Jimi Hendrix was recognized immediately by listeners and his peers. With his unorthodox music and playing style, people like me were floored instantly and never recovered, but It took Jimi Hendrix longer to get approval from the “music world”. Jimi and his music are now immortal. SRV is immortal too.

It only seems appropriate to comment on the SRV Song “Lenny” and The Guitar named after it. By now you should know that on December 12th Fender Guitar Company is releasing to the public the custom shop series guitar “Lenny”. Lenny or Lenora was SRV’s wife. The way she obtained the guitar for him, out of love, is the reason for the song. It’s an instrumental and you need to hear it. I can’t describe the vibe well enough to do it justice. Not one song SRV wrote or performed can accurately be described. Listening to his guitar and lyric artistry is the only way to feel his music.

What I’m suggesting is that you buy the song “Lenny” from
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Texas Flood - Lenny
or the place you normally download or buy it, or get the album at Amazon,com. At least you can afford to buy the song and I guarantee you will want the album also. Most of us can’t afford the actual guitar. stated for sale at about $17000.00. WOW. Realistically it’s more feasible to buy his music for most of us.

The Guitar itself is legendary to diehard Stevie Ray Vaughan Fans. There is a heartfelt love story behind the guitar and it’s eventual purchase by Lenora and a few friends. The story can be read here. No need for me to repeat it. Listening to SRV’s music, especially the lyrics will give you an idea of the difficult life he lived and how he expresses it with his guitar and lyrics.

I’m a SRV addict. The first time I heard this mysterious guitar player from Texas in the early 80’s I became an unquestionable addict for more and more fixes of SRV. Other than Jimi Hendrix who for me changed the world of music forever and sort of ruined me for other types of music, SRV comes in extra close in second place. No other artists move my soul and touch my heart like Jimi and Stevie. I love everything about these two geniuses from their completely unique guitar styles and true to life lyrics that come from their inner soul. I understand what these guys are saying. Do you?

You can’t imitate the feelings inside these men. Lots of people play good versions of their stuff, but no one knows how their hearts felt inside and how they put their feelings into words and notes that give me chills. If you love SRV than I recommend a radio station I get by subscribing to Live365 internet radio. It’s called Bandit Blues Radio and all you get is SRV and SRV influenced players that most of us have never heard of ( only jaw dropping players of course ) and enough James Marshall Hendrix to keep me happy. This station is dedicated to SRV.

Note: Live 365 internet radio has thousands of radio stations. There is at least one or nine or more stations for any kind of music you like. To put it in other words, internet radio is the bomb and its cheap too. I like satellite radio such as Serius, but satellite does not give you 30 stations or more for any genre of music. Satellite radio has less options, but it is more accessible from anywhere, if you have a satellite radio.

If you want to see the passion and soul SRV put into his music I would recommend watching The Stevie Ray Vaughan And double Trouble ” Live AT Montreux 1982 &1985″ DVD. Watching this fabulous DVD shows exactly what I have been saying about his passion and energy. Available at SecondSpin.com!

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5 Responses to Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Player and Composer Sends Chills Down My Spine.

  1. Your writing sends chills down my spine! Thanks for lots of great info on SVR (I saw his statue in Austin TX, his home town–larger than life).

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  3. I would just like to say thank you for that, it was written beautifully. You nailed it dead on and I feel the exact way about Jimi and Stevie as you do. They have both had a deep impact on me as a musician as well as a human being. I know Jimi and Stevie would appreciate this and would be grateful for it. Thanks again!

  4. austin harrison

    I’m buying two guitars of srv. everything that srv had on my guitars also. when i get them, i’ll be playing, thinking about srv of how his life just quit. now i look at the guitars that are now silent because stevie isn’t here now.

  5. austin harrison

    Hey, nice comments everyone. i actually met jimmy vaughan himself this last summer. he wanted to give me his brother’s (stevie ray vaughan) cross necklace. i couldn’t take it cuz i didn’t want to take something that belonged to his brother at all. that is called mutual respect. yep, i love srv’s music. his guitar (number one) is so famous. i actually saw his actual guitar myself. his guitars are held locked in a bank in dallas,texas. also jimmy wanted to give me one of stevie’s hat the one on the in step front cover. i liked it.

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