Lost Stevie Ray Vaughan Interview

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We take a long walk every morning, my dog Red and myself. It takes about an hour and Red who is a Bird Dog (German Shorthaired Pointer) is a riot to walk. He is such a hunter! I get some quality and peaceful thinking done for my blog for the day when there are no distractions.
I though about Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix, of course. Mostly I was thinking about how much I associate with the wisdom of the words that came from their mouths. I don’t understand why artists like Jimi and Stevie had such a deep understanding of the world, women, happiness and sadness at their young ages. Particularly how they conveyed their feelings with words and notes. I can’t even concentrate on anything else when I hear the words and notes and the messages penetrating my soul. I feel like a voodoochild myself.

Wanna see some some pencil drawing sketch art of Stevie Ray? It is full of the emotion of the artist, and I feel that emotion. I feel like Stevie and myself are brothers. Soul To Soul is a plethora of pencil sketches that elicit emotion.

We get home from walking and I turn on our Mac desktop computer, fire up Mozilla, go to Tune Into Live365 Online Radio which has something for every preference and mood, and click on Bandit Blues radio and what do you think is playing?….
Excuse me, I lost my thought for a second. Texas Flood bootleg style is playing. Forgive me for listening to Couldn’t Stand the Weather and the acoustic version of Hear My Train A Coming. The SRV and Hendrix notes kept coming at me, what is going on? Pinch Me! I’m still alive.

So the vibe is set, and I pick up my latest issue of Guitar World Magazine and low and behold there is an interview with Stevie Ray, reprinted from the August of 2000 issue, # 203.
The interview itself is a bit different than the usual ones and provides some insight into how he viewed music and life.

Without further delay, (I take no credit for this interview) it can be found in the 300th issue of Guitar World, May 2008. I want to share it with the the world and especially the diehard SRV people and hope more people understand and get tuned into Stevie Ray. He would be a special person even if he did not play a guitar.

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5 Responses to Lost Stevie Ray Vaughan Interview

  1. Wow! That is some inspiring writing Danny. I am a Voodoo Child just reading your word music….by they way, beautiful dog!


  2. WOW… Danny bro! You Rock – thanks for such awesome recognition, to be named in the same paragraph with Stevie is an honor! I salute you my friend!

    Right back at ya!

    Soul to Soul

  3. Following in the theme of St. Patricks Day, the song Greensleeves by Jeff Beck from “The Truth” album, whose guitar did Jeff Beck use to record the song?

    P.S. I am Susie’s other half, good to meet you!

    Hint.. it was a Gibson J200

    Buck !

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