If Keb’ Mo’ does not make your eyes roll up in your head and pierce your heart, you are at the wrong site. Kevin Moore is what the blues is all about. Hopefully you will hang around anyway and become a Keb’ Mo’ fan. His whole vibe is sweet like my Eric Clapton Custom Shop Stratocaster. If you know what I mean…

This guy was born right into the blues. He had no choice but to sing and play guitar style blues. It is not an easy life to enter the world as he did. It would be worth it to hear some of the songs played back then. Especially the many ones that never made it to vinyl.

Here is a beauty, take a listen….

Keb’ was born on October 3, 1951 in South Central Los Angeles, California as Kevin Moore. For a guy not to many people know about he sure has a lot of accomplishments to his name.

A brief biography by Starpulse.com : Guitarist/vocalist Keb’ Mo’ draws heavily on the old-fashioned country blues style of Robert Johnson while keeping his sound contemporary with touches of soul and folksy storytelling. A skilled frontman as well as an accomplished sideman, he writes much of his own material and has applied his acoustic, electric, and slide guitar skills to jazz- and rock-oriented bands. Born Kevin Moore in Los Angeles to parents of Southern descent, he was exposed to gospel music at a young age. At 21, Moore joined an R&B band that was later hired for a tour by Papa John Creach; as a result, Moore played on three of Creach’s albums. Opening for jazz and rock artists such as the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jefferson Starship, and Loggins & Messina helped further broaden Moore’s horizons and musical abilities.

Moore cut an R&B-based solo album, Rainmaker, in 1980 for Casablanca, which promptly folded. In 1983, he joined Monk Higgins’ band as a guitarist and met a number of blues musicians who collectively increased his understanding of the genre. He subsequently joined a vocal group called the Rose Brothers and gigged around Los Angeles. 1990 found Moore portraying a Delta bluesman in a local play, and Rabbit Foot, and later playing Robert Johnson in a docudrama entitled Can’t You Hear the Wind Howl? He released his self-titled debut album as Keb’ Mo’ in 1994, featuring two Robert Johnson covers, 11 songs written or co-written by Moore, and his guitar and banjo work. His second album, Just Like You, saw Keb’ Mo’ stretching his legs by working with a full band and tackling several rock-based songs. The gamble paid off, as Just Like You won the artist his first Grammy award. Slow Down followed in 1998 and netted Mo’ another Grammy, and Door was issued two years later. Big Wide Grin followed in 2001, while 2004 saw the release of two albums, Keep It Simple and Peace…Back by Popular Demand. Suitcase was issued in 2006 on Red Ink Records. Steve Huey, All Music Guide

Two of the greatest Bluesmen ever….Sweeeet!!!

The first time I heard Keb’ Mo’ display his talents was on a NRP (national public Radio) radio-tv series a few years back. NPR actually is quite involved in the blues. There is a bunch of cool information and books about the blues on NPR.GuitarPlayersCenter was floored by him, how could I have not crossed oaths with this music was my first thought. Don’t have the narrow, gun barrel vision I have had for years. Expose yourself sooner than later to artists like Keb’ Mo’. Enjoy

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  1. Cheap Guitars

    WOW!! Thank you Daniel for exposing me. I can’t say I ever heard of Keb’ Mo’ before.

    I really enjoyed the videos and Mr. Mo’ has a new fan. It’s like he doesn’t have to think about what he is doing, it just flows out of him through his guitar.


  2. I’ve been lucky enough to hear Keb ‘Mo live–you have captured him, Danny.

  3. this kevin moore [ keb mo ] is so humble,,as much as he is a great artist……..i was lucky enought to get his 1993 national resonator [ electric ] and his case…………the case is really beat up and has a simple stencil ……kevin moore………the handle is rope he tied on……..he had three carbon rods placed under the fret board to make the reso hard, tight, clean and clear…………see it on you tube ” that’s not love “….he is amazing.and humble

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