Joe Bonamassa

Joe Bonamassa

Since I started to jam or goof around with Allan C., we have become quite friendly. I hope it lasts forever. Not to many folks I feel that way about. There is a difference between a true friend and an acquaintance, a true friend is for life. Anyway, other than playing guitars and bullsh’i’ng a lot, Allan has opened my world of music up. Not to hard to do for me, as most of you know by know I am a Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan addict.

Do you know Joe? Not Joe the plummer(what a phony, he isn’t even a plummer!), but Joe Bonamassa? You should know him if you don’t. My recommendation. To put it mildly, Joe Bonamassa is doing the same thing Jimi and Stevie did, making a difference in the big picture of guitar playing and the world of music. I’m a new fan and have little experience or knowledge of this virtuoso, but what I know already is that he will leave a permanent mark in the art of playing the guitar, particularly the blues.

He is definitely not limited to playing the blues by any means, by using one particular scale and position on the fretboard, Joe B. can play a blues lick, country lick, jazz lick and rock lick without thinking about it, all in one phrase, non stop. Proof, that guitar players have unbelievable amounts of muscle memory.

I don’t feel qualified to jabber on about things I don’t know about Joe Bonamassa, but I am qualified to say what I feel at this point in time. Note: Make sure you watch the videos I put here, because there is a lot of background on Joe, and of course listening to him is nearly like a drug you will be hooked on forever.

I have tried to arrange them in an order that will give some great background first, the last one being a true show of his abilities. Like Jeff Healey, he deserves way more recognition than he has now, and should he live a long healthy life, will become a household name. That is a guarantee.

Before you watch the video’s, I want to say that Joe Bonamassa is a combination of many essential guitar players that have influenced me, his vibe is very much his own and makes him unique in itself. He already has a style that is easy to identify, even listening on the radio. To me he is a beautiful combo of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert King with a little Hendrix. I don’t have all of the words to describe him yet. Do what we do at Guitar Players Center, ENJOY watching and listening to the videos.

Let us know what you think. If you have time, Share it with the World. Thanks.

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  2. I heard him play a couple of years ago. Excellent!

  3. I am not that familiar to his playing either, but as far as I am, he is a great player. I was surprised by the second video. when was it made? he looks so young

  4. Joe is an awesome player!!! If you can find a copy of the CD “Bloodline”, he was only 15 when they recorded it.
    Now on his own, he can play any style music, and very well. His voice grates on me at times, but it sure gets the job done.
    He is quite a gear hound, also, and very technically skilled, as his rig will attest.
    Always a joy listen to what Joe is doing on the fretboard!!

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    As for Joe the Guitar player, he is indeed a fabulous musician.

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    Joe HAS thought these things over, and there’s no way he plans to vote for Obama or anyone like him. But, of course, it seems these days that thinking things over is way too complicated for the Americans that would rather stomp around ignorant of things they choose not to learn about or understand.

    And my favorite Joe the Guitar Player piece is “High Water Everywhere”. Pretty spectacular.

  8. Hugo Jeavons

    I agree Joe is brilliant, really talented. I’m also a massive hendrix fan and was amazed when i recently discovered stevie ray vaughan. But i don’t think joe is in jimi’s league. He’s a totally different guitarist so they’re not really comparable. In my opinion no one has ever come close to Hendrix in sheer talent. You can be technically perfect and still be nowhere near him. Having said that I am, like i say, a bonamassa fan an i think he’s doing a great job of getting people excited about blues again. Songs of his I recommend are : ‘trouble waiting’ has one of the best intros i’ve heard. ‘Dirt in my pocket’ and ‘wild about you baby’ are some of my fav bluesy songs of his. ‘Blues deluxe’ is beautiful. But i thin h=the best showcase of his sheer talent is had to cry today. It’s 6 mins 50 secs of the most insane soloing around today.

  9. You said it all Hugo. I agree 100% or more

    Thanks, Danny

  10. i just discovered joe a few weeks ago but he has vaulted to the top of my list. not only a virtuoso but a very fine singing voice and a dynamic song writer. the beautiful note making of a david gilmour with the blinding speed of eric johnson. he’s the best ive heard. BY FAR!

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