Issac Hayes dies at 65 years..

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According to the Memphis Sheriff’s Office, Isaac Hayes, the pioneer singer and musician whose “Theme From Shaft” which won a Grammy and Academy awards, died about an hour after he was discovered unresponsive near his home treadmill, after being taken to Baptist East Hospital.

In the early ’70’s. Hayes was responsible for assembling the groundwork for disco and for what later became known as urban-contemporary music for crooners like Barry White.

The album “Hot Buttered Soul” started Hayed ‘s stardom in ’69. His clean shaven head, gold chains and cool sunglasses gave him the image he carried throughout his life. His next impact came in the form of the “Theme From Shaft” in ’71. And one of his high points came in ’97, when he was chosen to be the voice of “Chef”, the school cook, on “South Park”.

Please take a few moments with us at Guitar Players Center and listen to a few videos of Issac Hayes. RIP.


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  1. Neat history about amazing people! thanks!

  2. Nooooooooooo!!!!!! that really sucks. There really won’t be another like him. The good news is that his music will live forever.

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