Howard “Buzz” Feiten ( “feet’n”) is a American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and session musician.

Buzz Feiten guitar player

Buzz Feiten guitar player

He is best known as a lead and rhythm electric guitarist, and has been in hot demand for sessions, concert tours, albums and CDs since the late 1960s. Industry veterans and pop musicologists alike consider him to have some of the best chops ever. Buzz is proficient on all forms of the instrument, and having actually significantly improved the instrument itself with a unique, patented, scientifically-designed tuning system which re-configures its stringboard / neck for more accurate tonality. Thus Feiten qualifies as a Luthier, as well as a guitarist.

Here are a few videos of Buzz. Have you heard of Buzz Feiten as a guitar player? Guitar Players Center considers him one of the greatest players ever, listen to the videos and you tell me. Enjoy

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  1. Wow, Buzz Feiten is great! thanks Danny.

  2. I’m glad I got one comment. Thanks

  3. In the first video clip, Feiten is visible only on the far right side of the screen. I think the lead might be Robben Ford?

  4. The first clip is actually Buzz’s friend Michael Thompson at a concert with Buzz in Japan. There are several clips from this concert which feature Buzz’s playing on YouTube. Also worth seeing is the new clip of Buzz’s New Full Moon band playing a live version of “Hey Dinwiddie” his tribute to Full Moon bandmember Brother Gene Dinwiddie. And if you’ve never heard the original 1972 Full Moon album, then beg steal or borrow it! It set and still sets the benchmark for jazz fusion. Buzz fresh out of Paul Butterfield Blues Band is quite sensational as are Dinwiddie, Neil Larsen, Freddie Beckmeyer and Philip Wilson. And if you find yourself loving Buzz’s playing (which I’m sure you will)don’t forget his fabulous work on the Rascals “Peaceful World” and “Island of Real” albums. Buzz is the best. Bizarrely he’s only a superstar in Japan although his playing graces such artists as Stevie Wonder (Talking Book), Greg Allman, Rickie Lee Jones, Aretha Franklin…

  5. Thanks for posting these.

    My friends and I used to be a huge fan of Paul Butterfield years ago up in NYC area. I remember Buzz, they were all great shows.

  6. Buzzy is an amazing gifted guitar player. I had the good fortune of meeting Buzz in the early 90’s. I was a professional licensed massage therapist fortunately gifted in the healing arts which Buzz took very serious as an added effort to help him relax, heal, and balance body-mind-spirit so that he could find that magic moment when creativity shines out from from the bottom of his soul and the music just flows.

    It was so funny moving into his house. I walk in and one entire room was filled with typically 4 or 5 guitars in various states of dis assembly. I didn’t know who Buzzy was as a professional musician when I first met with him for a treatment. All I remember is I finished he walked into the kitchen and just ripped that kitchen apart with the cleanest licks I ever heard. Without a doubt I knew instantly I was in the presence of excellence. Man I got lots of stories, this was before Buzz created the tuning system, he’s an amazing musician. I echo all the comments of praise.

    peace out and all the best

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