Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy, what has not been said about him? George “Buddy” Guy was born July 30, 1936. He is a five-time Grammy Award-winning blues and rock guitarist and singer from America. He was born in blues county Lettsworth, Louisiana.

My buddy Allan and I drove to Orlando to see Buddy Guy and B.B.King in concert at the arena at The University Of Central Florida (UCF). It is about 250 miles round trip. Buddy Guy led off the show so I’m going to give you my vibe on him today and do a review of the immortal B.B. King next. They were two separate concerts.

The place was sold out and you could feel the anticipation and anxious vibes in the audience. The show started 30 minutes late. Buddy Guy is one of my top five favorite bluesmen, his guitar playing style is unmistakable and you can hear the Buddy Guy vibe in so many great guitar players, it is hard to name them all. Stevie Ray Vaughan is probably the best known player who took this style to heart and raised the bar for everyone.

I have seen Buddy in concert before and he blew me away then, but this time, when he stepped on stage the room filled with the stink of the dirty rotten low down blues. It was funky and thick, we knew we were in for a super evening.

Any talk of Buddy Guy invariably involves a recount of his stellar musical resume and hard-earned accolades. He’s a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, a major guitar influence to rock GIANTS like Hendrix, Clapton, Beck and Vaughan, a pioneer of Chicago’s storied West Side sound, and a living link to that city’s early days of electric blues.

Buddy played only a couple of his well known big time hits. Most of the evening was spent on his lesser known dirty rotten blues masterpieces. Buddy Guy is best known for his earth shattering guitar playing. Buddy also has a sweet voice. I mean it is pure blues sweet and is so beautiful it penetrates the soul about as deep as you will allow it. Watching Buddy play the guitar and listening to his tender, gentle voice did me good, I left the concert feeling more motivated to continue studying his style through Stevie Ray Vaughan with more urgency than ever in my life.

FYI, the dirty rotten low down blues is all about the hurt a woman can put on you. Some of the songs may be explicit and rated adult, example of a low down blues tune, Quote: if my baby don’t love me no more, her sister will” by Jimi Hendrix, from his song “Red House”. The blues has been my narrow minded personal preference since I heard jimi Hendrix the first time in the 60’s. I was about 14 years old then. While I enjoy other music, I’m the type of person who finds something they like a lot and rarely deviates from that paradigm. If I like something that much, why listen to stuff I don’t care for as much? Life ain’t that long.

Buddy likes to imitate other great original blues guitar players, he did that at the first concert we saw him at also. He has a wireless guitar setup instead of using cords. Buddy walked his way through the crowd while playing Albert King’s style, which is unmistakable and a heavy part of SRV’s vibe, Albert Collins, John Lee Hooker and ended up with the intro to one of the greatest blues songs ever, “Voodoo Child“, by Mr. Jimi Hendrix.

His guitar skills certainly have not diminished, not from what I can see or hear, his fingers or little athletes don’t have any problems playing fast, slow or unconventional. All said he is a guitar genius for sure and one of the greatest blues composers and singers ever. I recommend going to see this icon if he comes to your town. Like the blues or not, Buddy Guy is treat, he is a fantastic entertainer. After entertaining folks for 50 plus years he really has the ability to mesmerize the crowd all while involving the audience.

Buddy Guy is one of my guitar heroes, he holds a guitar workshop at his place in Chicago, Ill. every summer. It is a week long and at the end you get to play on stage with Buddy Guy at his nightclub in Chicago. I’m planning on attending this workshop this or next summer. It is for intermediate to advanced players and it also costs a lot. I can’t wait.

The song that hit the hardest was called “Skin Deep”, on an album of twelve originals (seven of which he wrote or co-wrote) that holds up just as well as anything this side of Damn Right, I’ve Got The Blues. Words would not do justice to this or most any Buddy Guy song, go buy the album/s and feel the blues yourself. You may become a buddy Guy addict though!

When I left all, all I had to say was “Damn Right I got The Blues” by Buddy Guy.

Guitar Players Center will post the B.B. King concert review in a few days, stay tuned because B.B King knows how to capture his audience too.
Thanks and Enjoy.

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