Breaking news this morning. Vivid Entertainment is releasing a sex tape supposedly staring Jimi Hendrix.

The Los Angeles based adult entertainment company has been reported to have got ahold of some footage of the guitar legend photo-shoot in a hotel room close to fourty years ago. Allegeldly from a memorabilia seller.

The footage is supposed to feature Jimi engaging in a vriety of sexual acts with two women. Appaerntly the company has consulted with several experts to authentucate the footage.

Jimi Hendrix died of a drug overdose in 1970. No comments are available from the Seattle based Hendrix estate.

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One Response to Alleged Jimi Hendrix Sex Tapes to be Released.

  1. I wondered if you picked this up.. I sat with my mouth open reading about it, thought… I gotta ask Danny! If Jimi did woman like he did guitar..hmmm one can only imagine, but still.. guitar playing is for the stage, and sex is for the bedroom!

    RIP I say…

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