today. Jeff Beck Jeff Beck is an original guitar hero. He is the most technically perfect guitar player ever. His beautiful sounds use the suspended scales with a great deal of success.

Realistically speaking I could spend a day on Jeff Beck’s guitar virtues and what he has contributed to the guitar world, and mine. Here is a detailed biography on Jeff Beck. The biography is almost 100% accurate. If you don’t know Beck, then get to know him. There is a wealth of his guitar work displayed at YouTube.

FYI, although I play a Clapton guitar, I set it up to Beck’s specifications. In terms of nut height and neck relief. He has a luthier who is kind enough to give this info out. It is top secret, you have to send your guitar to me if you want the Beck setup.

Enjoy. Guitar Players Center is proud to recognize Jeff Becks birthday.

8 Responses to All Hail To Jeff Beck Turning 64 Years Old..

  1. “He has a luthier who is kind enough to give this info out. It is top secret …”

    I don’t quite understand that. It seems a tad contradictory. 🙂

  2. Pzychotropic

    Much respect to Jeff Beck! 🙂

  3. Jeff Beck lives a 10 minute walk from my house. Tbh I’ve never really listened to him but after stumbling this i’m gunna have to go check him out! Happy birthday Jeff btw..

  4. Most people on these sites probably aren’t old enough to even know Jeff Beck. I am and I do. Thanks, I didn’t realize it was his birthday. An ICON for sure.

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  6. Beck really stands out, yeah. I love his Wired disc the best.

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