Smart Truthful and Realistic Guitar Lesson Reviews

Smart Truthful and Realistic Guitar Lesson Reviews

It is time to go to school. Yup, as your guitar lesson reviewer it’s time to go back to school. Not the online schools I recommend. What  I decided was that in order to continue to provide the most accurate and unbiased reviews, I have to increase my knowledge. As the best lesson sites become more technologically advanced and offer more advanced lessons and methods of delivering the information, it became obvious I need to go back to college and learn more. If you can’t trust your guitar lesson reviews, and who to buy online guitar lessons from, then they are worthless.

I want to be 100% qualified for the job. To be able to break down each lesson and review it fairly, takes more than being a good guitar player, it takes an understanding of the subject to be thorough and honest. It means you have to know how to teach too. Teach being the key here.Taking a class called Fundamentals of Music Theory, which is the first in a series of classes on the theory of music will increase my level of understanding  and thus allow me to review each online guitar lesson site with a better eye.

The truth is I know a bunch of music theory, or guitar theory, same thing. I was not formally taught, but one of my private tutors taught me lots of theory in his own way, and I learned even more using online guitar courses and articles. It helps a lot when you become an advanced intermediate guitar player. But, I want to be taught in the formal classroom manner. In an accredited course. You can see the sacrifice I make for you folks. Just joking, I love learning more.

I am 100 percent convinced it is in your best interest to look for, and make sure that the person recommending a particular learn guitar course has the ability to do so. Look for their credentials. You may be surprised to find some of the people don’t even play guitar. Or have no credentials, or right to recommend what you may need. You can even call me for a free consultation. 772-979-2887

Let me ask you this. Would you go to a doctor that did not finish medical school, but was pretty good at what he did, because his rates are cheap and he has nice medical equipment?  Well, why trust an evaluator who has no credentials? It’s not at all necessary or important that you, the person receiving video guitar lessons or DVD guitar lessons have such a deep knowledge of music to become a good guitar player. Not every guitar teacher has an intricate knowledge of theory. It’s not important to know that to play guitar. Do you think every qualified auto mechanic has an intricate knowledge of how every part functions in theory? Of course not.

My point is that a recommendation is only good if it’s accurate and truthful. Another item you may think about is this. Smart Truthful and Realistic Guitar Lesson Reviews can only be achieved if the website of the reviewer, is an aged, experienced and respected authority site with lots of quality content on all aspects of guitars and learning guitar. Or was it just thrown up in order to make money? Take enough time to examine and become an educated guitar lesson consumer. It’s a proven fact that people who educate themselves about the subject of interest, make the best decisions.

Use your time wisely. We only recommend the best sites for guitar lessons for beginners, adult guitar lessons, video guitar lessons, DVD guitar lessons, all of which are learn at home guitar lessons. Time spent investigating is time well spent. It saves money and the frustration of making a poor decision. Choosing the right online guitar lessons is the difference between success and fun for years and years, or loss of interest. It’s time to take action, learn guitar now.




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  1. Dorothy Weinstein

    Bravo! Life is a continual classroom!

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