Who Played that Song She asked Me.

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Who played that guitar song?

Who played that guitar song?

Just the other day I was in the living room in my playing guitar mode of my guitar session. Usually I start with my practice mode, and then at some point slip into my playing mode. If you read my informational online guitar lessons reviewed blogs, then you now how much I emphasize practicing a lot. And at some point in your guitar education process “things” become lodged in your muscle memory and become spontaneous. Here is what happened to me.

I was in my playing the guitar mode, playing the blues. Let me add that once I’m in a playing mode, I’m in the zone. You have to be in the zone to know what it is. So work harder and someday you will experience it. Let me warn you that once you have zoned, you can’t go back. The feeling or response created by the Limbic system [which is part of your brain/mind] is pure pleasure. Everyone has the necessary tools in their brains to play the guitar.

I was goofing around. Playing stuff that was instinctual, licks and stuff that after years of practicing now flows easily. Anyway I was at it and zoned and heard my wife say “whose song are you playing now” [or something exactly like that]? I was zoned and said “it’s not a song, I make it up as I go”.  I did not hear any response and just kept playing for a while more.

At the point I decided that it was time to stop, which is always a hard decision to make, I realized what she said to me, and thought it was a little bit strange she did not say something like “that sounds good”.  And pardon me if she did and I missed it. Like everyone else I like a pat on the back sometimes, but it’s not always necessary, because I know I’m pretty good at playing the guitar and I have fun doing it.

For me, the bottom line, or moral to the short exchange of words my wife and I had is this. She must have really liked whatever I was playing at that time. I have no idea what I was playing, but it must have stimulated her Limbic system. That was one of the nicest compliments ever. Thanks.

I have been full bore learning the guitar now for 5.5 years. I decided to go from Zero to Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan before I even started my guitar lessons. Not everyone wants to learn such difficult music ASAP. And, I’m not there yet. Most people are more interested in learning some chords to a song they like. I was not trained that way, but I have come to the conclusion that the methods online guitar lesson video sites use to teach “learn at home guitar lessons“, online, that it’s a no brain-er. The teachers and methods used are superior and effective for only about 20 dollars a month.

Go ahead and try it, buy a month of guitar lessons and learn an easy guitar song fast. It is not the easiest instrument to learn, but it sure is fun and gratifying when someone says “who wrote that song”? You won’t have to wait 5 and a half years to learn an easily recognizable song that other people love. There is nothing like having a guitar player who knows a few fun songs at a BBQ. Knowing a few easy guitar songs makes it possible to go to a moon light guitar jam and sit around and play with other guitar players. Buy now. Enjoy. GuitarPlayersCenter.com



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  1. Nice article Danny, Cute kid too.

  2. Dorothy Weinstein

    Great point, Danny! We sometimes forget to acknowledge the true compliments in life, always hearing criticism in what people say. If we stop for a minute and think, there’s a lot of good stuff out there…..so glad you were able to pick up on true words, rather than platitudes. Your guitar work is certainly a great example of the real world!

    LOVE the pic!

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