Why Do You Want To Play The Guitar?

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Choose Online Guitar Lessons that Work

Choose Online Guitar Lessons that Work

There are a lot of reasons to play the guitar. Not everyone who wants to learn guitar to become a rock star. I thought I might like to be in a band or play with other folks for or a long time when I took up guitar in my fifties, about 5.5 years ago. It’s important to note that I had taken private guitar lessons from the age of 9 years to about 15 years old before: A. online guitar lessons were available, and B. until I heard Jimi Hendrix.

However, I did not even touch a guitar until 2005, in February or March. Basically I needed guitar lessons for beginners, but I wanted adult guitar lessons, not children’s guitar lessons. I did however have a small amount of muscle memory left over. That was amazing, but it did not take me very far. Even the absolute best guitar lessons won’t work if you don’t make a commitment and work at it yourself.

So I gave my first performance a few weeks ago. It was perfect for me. More on that later, first though, I took personal lessons for almost 2 years from the music store. I would go once a week and get a lesson. Then go home. Usually I forgot half or more of my complicated ‘no means to the madness lesson’ by the time I went to practice. So that meant I had to go back and bother my teacher, or wait till next week. The bottom line was I was getting frustrated because it seemed like he was holding me back.

I know he was not trying to hold me back, now. But the nature of private lessons means you will progress slower than if you had a well organized, uncomplicated online guitar lesson right in front of you, or on your big screen TV, as most computers will allow. How cool is that, real life sized guitar lessons online in your face? Ones you can retake a million times if you want, at no extra cost.

I won’t give any online guitar lessons full credit for my progress. I am a hard worker. But the lessons online that were most advantageous for me are Jamplay online video guitar lessons. They have the most modern site, the best variety of guitar teachers, many of which you will recognize. Tools galore, with backing tracks, drum beat patterns and stuff you need to examine yourself.

So my first performance was a small gathering of people and I was there to play some back ground music. It was odd they asked me, even if I played for food. The only music I play is the blues. I re took guitar for one reason. Zero to Jimi Hendrix. Nothing in between. If you watch the brief video in my last post, you can watch and hear me play the into and several verses to Red House by Jimi Hendrix without backing tracks or drum beats. Everyone was very nice to me and seemed to enjoy. And I ate well too! That’s what they got, and it was a success.

It took about 5 years to learn that. I’m not embarrassed to say so. It’s a really complicated piece of music with unbelievable Jimi Hendrix timing [rhythm]. You have no idea how difficult his technique is. But most people will learn some guitar songs fast if the recommended course of action in is taken. If I choose to, I can play other forms of music too. So, in most cases, guitar lessons that provide immediate gratification are the best.

I play the guitar for myself. I just like playing and learning new stuff. I’m in the guitar pedal experimentation mode now. It took 5 years of hard practice to become a good enough player to use my , , SRV and my . All of these pedals, especially the Wah pedal require a learning curve too. So, for me, it’s just more fun learning new techniques and sounding more and more like Jimi.

You can achieve your dreams too. Just read the Jamplay Review and then sign up for online guitar lessons now and start having fun, or improve your current skills. At least your mom, or wife or girlfriend will know where you are. Not getting in trouble. And that applies to women too, guys like women who can play the guitar and sing. Take action buy online guitar lessons that work. GuitarPlayersCenter.com

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  1. Great article. I like your new theme design too.

  2. Learning music online is a joy. You’ll save time and money. You’ll also have access to the world’s most talented teachers right from the comfort of your own home. JamPlay is only one method, and a good one at that. I encourage you to check out other services to see what works best for you. Some people need the one-on-one guidance that only a live Skype lesson can give you. More importantly is to find a teacher that you can work with.


    • I agree with you. 100 percent. I would prefer a quality private tutor any day. I was trained in the ’60’s by a disciple of Andres Segovia. The problem is a lack of qualified private tutors. Do you have an affiliate or referral program? Maybe i help you out.

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