Are Online Video Guitar Lessons for You?

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Online video guitar lessons are excellent. I use them all the time. Just remember that online video guitar lessons are not the same thing as guitar lessons on DVD. I like the convenience of not needing anything more than access to a computer and guitar first off. The sites I like best allow me to view and or print the guitar lesson too. I can’t think of any way to go wrong. I know a lot of very satisfied people who have learned to play guitar from scratch, or were only interested in learning a particular song who used JamPlay.

Video Guitar Lessons

Computer video Guitar Lessons

The top online guitar lesson video sites also have features like live web cams. That way if you are struggling with a lesson, you can have access to the teacher and go live over the internet. Learning to play guitar is fun and easy. The benefits go so much further though. With multiple teachers, you can find the right teacher for you. JamPlay has over 40 different instructors on staff and over 500 hours of high quality guitar lessons on video.

The video lessons are generous in length, and really captured my attention, which made the lesson fun, and more importantly, effective. Let me explain how the beginner guitar videos,  consisting of guitar lessons for kids are setup to appeal to the age of said student. A nice touch since kids learn differently than adults.

I’m an intermediate player, so for me I’m usually interested in a specific technique from perhaps Jimi Hendrix or another one of my favorite guitar players. This is my favorite part. The instructors who give guitar lessons for the greatest guitar players like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan have obviously put a lot of time into learning and mastering their technique, and then being able to teach it to you.

And because they are on video on the internet, I can re-watch the same video or a certain part of the video guitar lesson as many times as it takes me to get it. It is a once a month membership fee, where you have the benefit of taking time off if you want, then resigning up and picking up where you left off.

Another nice vibe concerning online video guitar lessons is that brand new guitar lessons are added all the time and you have immediate access to them. No waiting for it to come in the mail, or having to pay a few more dollars to get the update. The whole online guitar lesson on video program works for me. I want to talk about DVD guitar lesson in my next post.

It may seem like their may not be very many differences between the two types of lessons, but I think it is wise to have all the facts. So enjoy and take advantage of a few free online video guitar lessons, then read my next blog on online guitar lessons and make your own decision. Both programs sell very good, so it’s personal preference issue in many cases. Read my next post on and make the comparison. Let me know what you think.

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