Tip: Online Guitar Lessons

Online Guitar Lessons

I think it’s important to establish a few critical tips for online guitar lessons concerning guitar lessons for beginners. Meaning it does not matter if you are an adult looking for guitar lessons, or looking for guitar lessons for kids or children. If you are new to learning guitar, then you may want to read this. Basically it is an article on how to choose your first guitar.

After playing guitar and studying guitar for 5.5 years now, I can finally tell the subtle differences between a good guitar that is setup properly and a great guitar that is setup properly. I was only kidding myself until recently that I could feel a substantial difference between two such guitars. My reason for saying so is that my first electric guitar, which I bought used is a now a 10 year old Mexican Stratocaster I payed 175.00 dollars for in 2005 after my second electric guitar lesson.

The first thing I had done to it [at my teachers urging] was have a top notch setup performed. Then I put in SRV Texas Special pickups and an American Vintage Tremolo and Sperzel locking tuners. I still play it more than any other guitar I own. I also have a Fender Custom  Shop Eric Clapton Strat. I bought it new, about 6 months into my electric guitar education thinking it might make me a better player. I fooled myself for years thinking I really could tell the difference. It was not until recently I could really feel and hear the dramatic difference.

What’s my point? Buy an inexpensive guitar that FITS YOU properly before you buy your $$ Eric Clapton Strat.

The point is that regardless of how you feel about your progress regarding  your learning process, some things just take longer to get a feeling for. As you  become more comfortable playing the guitar, and become more instinctive in your techniques and your muscle memory kicks in, you will be able to focus on such things as the guitar you are playing, and your amp, if required, and overall tone.

In the beginning, especially if you have small hands, it may be wise to buy a 3/4 sized guitar. I want to make a distinction between people with small hands, and children’s hands. Some adults have small hands. It’s a personal issue, but there are some very fine 3/4 sized guitars on the market for more advanced players. I advise going to a guitar shop and feeling them out first. You most definitely can buy it for less money online, for instance you can save Up to $200 on Fender American Standard at MusiciansFriend.com or Guitar Center, online. And the shipping is free.

Believe me, a guitar that fits properly and is comfortable to play will absolutely help in your quest to learn guitar. I love playing my guitars, everything about them is personal. Combine a fitting guitar with proven online guitar lessons and your odds of succeeding just went way up. If you are not sure which lessons may suit your needs and interests, check the reviews and discussions and decide for yourself. A quick note, more people choose JamPlay than any other online guitar lessons I recommend. That should tell you something right off the bat. GuitarPlayersCenter.com for Online guitar lessons.

5 Responses to Online Guitar Lessons Tip: Choose Your First Guitar

  1. Sara Newman

    Yes, the size issue is important. It is stupid to get a bigger instrument because you will grow into it.

  2. Interesting article. I’d like to know more. I took guitar lessons as a kid, but never quite “got it”… now, in advanced age, I’m interested again because I like guitar and, frankly, I hang out with a lot of guitar people….. who all think I’m tone-deaf. It would be fun to surprise them!
    My question: how do I know what size is right? I’m thinking that a regular size would work for me, but is there some kind of standard to tell?
    Any advice you can provide will be appreciated! Thank you.

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  4. I agree on purchasing a guitar for your child that fits, rather than buying one that he/she can grow into. We bought my 9 year old daughter a guitar about 2 years ago. Since it fits her well, she LOVES playing it. I’m afraid that if we had forced her to play my wife’s guitar or bought one that was too big for her fingers, she would have quickly become frustrated and leaned it in the corner. We have a great local shop here that sold her a very nice Yamaha FG-Junior. It has great sound, looks nice and didn’t break the bank. We also found a really good instructor that she went to for a while, but backed off when her schedule became overwhelming. Since I’ve found your site, I’m going to point her in your direction and see if we can get her some forward progress.

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