Our Online Guitar Lessons Reviewer is 100% Qualified For The Job.

Our Online Guitar Lessons Reviewer is 100% Qualified For The Job.

Almost half of the websites that claim to offer the best guitar lessons online, are actually review sites. In a way, finding an honest, and unbiased online guitar lessons review site is about as hard to do as finding an honest, effective and affordable online guitar lesson program. It’s ironic that there are so many reviewers, in fact it seems there are more people evaluating all sorts of guitar lessons than possibly the amount of courses available.

Having made that statement, it seems just as important to know what the reviewers qualifications are, as are the qualifications of the site being reviewed. If the reviewer is not a guitarist, does not understand how to play guitar, has no understanding of the theory of music, and does not have some teaching skills with experience as a guideline, than you may not get the best review and thus lessons. Other than My Unique Qualifications as a reviewer, WE PAY for ALL of the reviewed guitar lessons and courses out of our pocket, to make sure it’s 100% UN-biased. As an example, not all successful head coaches played the sport they coach, but they understand the game and can teach it.

What makes My Qualifications A superior reviewer of online guitar lessons?

1. My first guitar lessons were from Aaron Shearer. The father of modern day music programs at almost all of the major universities, and qualified private guitar teachers. I also took classical guitar lessons from George Yeatman for many years. My training was perhaps the most difficult and strenuous way to learn. The time spent teaching, the explicit detail to technique and learning to practice is a method long gone. I admit that for many beginner guitarists this may not be the fastest or most gratifying way to go. Especially if you only want to learn a few guitar songs and have fun. However, I have experienced the best guitar teachers of all time, and have a good idea of what works.

2. The above two teachers were masters at teaching the disciple of classical guitar. In the old days, you did not leave the guitar lesson until you understood it. One hour lessons were the norm in earlier times. I did exactly as my teachers said, I practiced my lesson everyday. I never really got the “left thumb [fretting hand] behind the neck” vibe down. But I learned to love to practice the guitar.

3a. Versatility. I stopped playing classical acoustic guitar the first time I heard Jimi Hendrix on a bootleg BBC radio channel. BBC is an acronym for British Broadcasting Corp. Jimi made it in England before he made it in America. I have extensive experience in both types of guitars. Acoustic guitars, classical guitars and electric guitars. 3b. I am familiar with many common genres of music. Blues, country, rock, classical and more. Guitar lessons for beginners is one of my specialties, any age level.

4. It is easy for me to sift through online guitar lessons and locate the best ones. I have lots of practice and know what to look for. Each recommended course has been thoroughly examined and completed. I am 100 percent convinced it’s in your best interest to check out each course. It’s free to examine them, and you get an easy money back guarantee. The importance of examining each lesson is because everyone learns in a different manner. Some people enjoy and respond better to video guitar lessons, and others like DVD guitar lesson curriculum’s.

5.  I can also teach you how to use guitar effects pedals, and your amp too. I am a full service guitar teacher. Amps, effects and certain specialties are part of teaching guitar. Teaching the guitar is a full service job.

Allowing an expert guitar lesson reviewer you can trust do the dirty work, makes it faster and safer to choose your guitar lessons online. You can even call me if you want a personal consultation for free. My number is 772-979-2887, EST. A few minutes of consulting can save lots of frustration, money and time.

Continuing, I did not play guitar for a long time after I stopped playing classical guitar when I was about 14 or 15 years old. For a variety of reasons, getting my first job,  then having to work full time and support my family, I was not able to put any quality time into learning and playing guitar until I was 52 years old. That is approximately a gap of 40 years of  not playing guitar. When I started thinking of guitar lessons again, it never occured to me that something like online guitar lessons were available. So I found a highly recommended local guitar teacher.

My experience with this private tutor was mixed.  Although the person I chose as a teacher was a “great” guitar player. I truly mean that. He also was educated at Berklee College of Music as well. That being so, a great technician, a guitar player in his case, does not always make the best guitar teacher. His methodology was similar to Berklee Music with his approach.

Ninety percent of people who want to learn to play the guitar are not interested in any heavy musical theory, being drilled in scales, modes and scale exercises to “the point of nausea”, or how to read musical notation. Learn a few easy guitar chords, pick out an easy guitar song, print the free tab off the internet, and you are off. Anyway, that is more like the way it is now with DVD guitar lessons, and Video guitar lessons, so easy and convenient to access anytime and anyplace. Not to mention very affordable.

All learn at home guitar lessons are prepared by professional guitar teachers. Surprisingly, you may recognize some teachers as great guitar players, but you can bet they know how to teach, because teach is the keyword in learning guitar. You have to choose the medium, and or guitar teachers and curriculum’s that serve you best.

Do yourself a favor, read my reviews on the various forms of guitar lessons offered online that meet and exceed your expectations, and are quite affordable.  Online Guitar Lessons Reviewed, Guitar Lessons for Beginners, Adult Guitar Lessons, Guitar Lessons for Children, Jamplay Review and GuitarTricks Review are all top level award winning programs. GuitarPlayersCenter.com

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