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After 5 years it was time to redesign Guitar Players Center so my  guitar lessons reviews are easy to find, very understandable and in a pleasant setting.  I decided to have the entire site redesigned with a more appealing look and easier navigation. I am convinced that my online guitar lessons comparisons outperform the rest of the industries in terms of honesty and accuracy. My goal is to provide the perfect amount of information for you to choose from.

One of my new features is to advertise my own local services. I offer local private guitar lessons. I offer guitar repair and maintenance services too. I’m not a big time operation with fancy credentials such as: claiming to have played guitar for someone famous, or having a big time professional career. But I can teach you how to play guitar. I offer Skype lessons, which ore online guitar lessons too.

In my area, home schooling is quite popular. One of the most popular services offered are my private and personal home school guitar lessons. I’ll come to your home and teach at your house. I even offer a discount for more than one child or person. It’s quite affordable and extremely effective. Of course you can come to my guitar lesson studio if you choose. My studio has been redesigned for pure comfort which make s it easy to focus.

One of the unique teaching methods is to video each lesson. By videoing each lesson and giving each student a video of the lesson, or putting it on YouTube, it’s easy to re-look at the lesson to refresh your mind. Everyone develops instant amnesia after a lesson. Having a good lesson book, a written plan for practicing and a video to reference back to makes the process faster and lots more fun.

It is important to mention that all online guitar lessons reviewed are either in Streaming Video format or DVD format. Which makes them easy to re-review anytime or anyplace you need a refresher.

As technology advances, DVD, Video and Beginner guitar lessons have become almost as effective as face to face lessons. The better curriculum’s, ones I recommend, also have face to face lessons now. Getting an excellent guitar education online is extremely affordable and effective due to advanced technology and the gathering of the best teachers in the industry.

Exciting Online Guitar Lessons 

Read the lesson reviews. An educated consumer makes better decisions. Become an educated consumer  now. That part is free.

2 Responses to A Stimulating Look at Online Guitar Lessons and More

  1. Sara Newman

    The new design looks great–attractive, guitar like and east to read.

  2. Nice article, and nice website redesign. Making a video of each lesson for your students is a very nice vibe. So many times after a guitar lesson when next I picked up my guitar I couldn’t remember what I had learned.. My favorite teachers of all time wrote all my music down for me.

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