Basic chords and rhythm chart Sometimes slow is fast, and fast is slow. Learning the rhythm side of the guitar, as opposed to soloing, has been my biggest obstacle. Most guitar players learn some guitar chords right from the start, and use free internet tab for a familiar song and try to figure it out from there. I have had 2 private guitar teachers in the past. I have used some excellent online guitar lessons in the last couple of years, and my original training in the ’60’s was pure classical guitar. Neither private guitar teacher taught me guitar chords. I learned a few guitar chords from my friends, but it was not until I had a basic understanding of chords and rhythm that I was able to accelerate at chords and rhythm.

I started to learn chords on my own using learn at home guitar lessons well before I learned about video guitar lessons. It’s all a mute point if you don’t practice diligently everyday, using proven and effective practice techniques and habits. And make it fun too. Just learn some easy guitar chords to a song you like first. Don’t learn your Jimi Hendrix guitar chords first, as I did, it is much easier to learn a few easy, beginner guitar chords in the beginning. Do, make your metronome your best friend.

That old metronome, or newer electronic timing tool will be the final ingredient in your recipe for good timing and rhythm. You will not enjoy your metronome for a while, it is a great challenge to out-play a metronome. I wear them out trying to beat them, and so far the metronome always wins out. It never makes a mistake or misses a beat. The metronome forces me to have to pay attention.

In fact, the only thing one should hear when learning to play rhythm guitar is the metronome beat. Sometimes I’m not even aware of people. You have to be in the zone, listening to the beat, your 100% percent undivided attention will be on playing the guitar. No matter what particular rhythm you are using at the time. Being a blues guitar player, the 12 [twelve] bar blues is one of my favorite beats. I use the standard metronome 4/4 beat too. To be totally honest, it was not until I put my chord knowledge and skills to the beat of an affordable electronic timing device that I was able to put my notes to a beat and make them distinguishable from the same notes to a different beat. Crazy stuff.

I’m not fancy, I don’t care about lots of effects pedals, my little guitar processor has everything I need in one small box. My vices are guitar amps, I like a great sounding amp [Peavey Classic 30], and my guitar, I love my modified Fender Mexican Strat. I play it exclusively during the months I can play the guitar in the garage, here in Florida. There are too many dangerous things in my garage to bang up an Eric Clapton Stratocaster on, so that gets played during the hottest months of the year, inside.

This is a review of sorts. Other articles have been posted on GuitarPlayersCenter about rhythm and chords. It would be a good idea to re-read some of the older posts and re-familiarize yourself with guitar chords, and some of my thoughts on rhythm.

Start slow and easy, before you know it, the easy chords and rhythm patterns will become second nature, and you can move on to more difficult chords and rhythm patterns. I can’t put into words what it feels like to have someone notice the name of the song you are playing, for the first time. You just have to experience the feeling I had when Suzanna, a friend, walked in the garage to hear me play more “Red House”, by Jimi Hendrix. FYI: Red House was one of Jimi’s only 12 bar blues songs. His other rhythm’s are not understandable. I don’t recommend starting with the most difficult and magical guitar player ever, Jimi Hendrix.

Don’t forget, practicing is the skill that will propel you to be the best guitarist you want to be. I suggest making practice fun. Adults, kids and women accelerate at guitar lessons when practice is fun and progress is achieved. The best online guitar lessons, technically video guitar lessons are Guitar Tricks. I have stated that several times. My readers let me know what works too. Regardless of your intentions, such as guitar lessons for beginners, adult guitar lessons, chords and rhythm lessons or any particular style of picking that interest you. Guitar Tricks is the most popular choice.

The only way to learn to play the guitar is to play your lesson, or a song you are learning, repeatedly, along with the beat of a metronome, until the proper areas and mechanisms of your brain are stimulated from hearing it so many times that it becomes an image in your minds eye, literally. That fact has been proven by scientists of the mind that study the brain. Some people have better minds, and learn faster, but the process is the same for every normal mind. I use the word normal loosely. That is called instinct and muscle memory.

Take the easy route and buy the best video guitar lessons for beginners and adults or guitar players who want to advance their chops. With the aid of online guitar lessons, to learn rhythm guitar chords and timing should be one of your long term goals.

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