The Key to Online Video Guitar Lessons

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The keys to Online Video guitar Lessons The key to any guitar lesson is your commitment to learning. The finest online video guitar lessons can’t make you a better guitar player or a guitar player at all if you don’t practice your guitar. Good guitar players are good because they understood, at an early age, maybe while learning from one of the video online guitar lessons for beginners classes I talk about, that practice should be fun, and thus, more time will be devoted to practice.

I practice a lot. I call it playing my guitar though. I start out warming up and proven practice methods, like some scales and chords. Run through few warm up drills, but before I know it, I’m playing the guitar. At some junction I stop thinking and my muscle memory takes over.

Muscle memory is a very interesting happening in your mind, where your muscles literally remember the movements that the brain commands, allowing you to learn and master the technical maneuvers of playing the guitar.

In other words, I’m playing off of instinct when I stop practicing and thinking about what I’m doing. That is muscle memory, instinctive playing. I learned as a kid, or a pre-teenager, that working hard provided me with benefits. Mowing lawns, washing cars, etc. So putting great effort into any job is in my nature.

Once I started to re-learn to play the guitar when I was 52 years old, I knew it would take a lot of effort to go from zero to Jimi Hendrix, and 5 years later, I know I have a long way to go. Believe it or not, I had a tiny amount of muscle memory from my kids beginner guitar lessons. I can’t wait to see if  I am a better guitar player every day now.

I had private guitar lessons from 1964 [ish] to 1968 [ish]. Now those were really high quality hour long sessions, back when private tutors had exceptional credentials and really cared about teaching guitar. More a passion than a money maker. They happened to be classical guitar lessons, but my teacher was excellent and I loved to go to the monthly recitals.

I wrote an article on what I consider to be 5 solid guitar lesson tips, possibly helpful to you if you take a second to read it.

As an adult guitar student, I learned a lot from video online guitar lessons. One of the most useful tools are the Backing Tracks or Jam Tracks. You really need to check out the sites and decide which lessons and backing tracks are best for you. What I like about it is for about 20 bucks a month, I can study a certain technique until I get it. Then I cancel my subscription and put my new knowledge to good use. I can restart without penalties anytime I want more guitar instruction.

I recommend a long term commitment for beginner guitar players in order to fully understand the basics. What I mean to say is, realistically speaking, you need a year or more to really put down a few sweet notes. However, it only takes most people about 2 or 3 months to learn a few easy guitar chords and play an easy guitar song. Scales are important, and necessary, take a second to review a few scales to cure your interests.

So, making a commitment and sticking to it comes from you. Every guitar school, guitar lesson, guitar website is a viable quality company with qualified teachers and excellent tools. GuitarTricks and JamPlay both offer a wide variety of guitar lessons. You have to go to each site and decide using their free tolls which site serves your interests the best.

Gibson Learn and Master Guitar [a banner on your right] is a great DVD guitar lesson course with all of the tools to effectively learn to play the guitar at your convenience. The lesson book is terrific as well. The best lessons for beginners, as far as I’m concerned.

Like I said, take some time to examine my reviews and examine the sites themselves. I’m 100 percent sure you will find the right video guitar lessons for your needs.




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  1. I love your clear precise examples!!

    Practice practice practice

    Build muscle memory…..

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