One of the secrets used by the best guitar teachers is to teach the student a familiar, well liked, easy guitar song as a goal to meet. I say this because if the guitar student has a particular song in mind, it’s much easier to teach them to play guitar. In fact, some students take guitar instruction to learn a specific song. One of the reasons to pick a known song is because there are usually some emotions attached to it. I always choose guitar songs that have deep emotional ties.

Emotion is when the song is played with feelings. When the words have an impact on you our emotions and mix with the tension and release of the music, thus making it unique to you. Even at a beginner guitar players level, emotions and feeling will propel you sooner into a good guitar player. So, choose a teacher that wants to teach you an easy song, one that you like, as a your first goal.

In truth, most easy guitar songs are made up of two [2] to four [4] chords, which are repeated to a beat or rhythm. One of the first songs I learned was called “Hey Joe”. It was written by Billy Roberts. “Hey Joe” was registered for copyright in the U.S. in 1962 as a country song, but it was made famous by Jimi Hendrix, as a high energy, string bending rock song. It’s a great tune, no matter how you play it, plus, it’s easy to learn the chord pattern. I know the song very well. It was a natural to learn it first.

It’s easy to pick this song out just by strumming the chords. In defense of the new student, it may be too early in the learn guitar process to summons up very much emotion. Based on all of the new information, emotions may be hard to summons up. So make sure to pick an easy song as your goal. It does not take very long to learn the easy chords to Hey Joe, and then strum them. It’s very simple to sing the words that correspond to the chords being played in no time. Really.

The chords go as this:

C, G, D, A, E.

 Chord Chart, click to enlarge

Chord Chart, click to enlarge

It won’t exempt you from learning the basics everyone guitarist should know. It means you  have to learn your scales [eventually], like the G Major scale, or the pentatonic-blues scale, also known as a 5 note scale. Of course your chord vocabulary will increase naturally as you progress. But learning that first song is a must in order to feel the satisfaction and good feelings of grasping this assignment so fast. I taught a 10 year old girl the song Firework in one hour.

Obviously an adult does not want to be treated or taught like a kid or child. A kid or child needs guitar lessons for beginners, kids and children. An adult needs adult guitar lessons for the beginner adult. Finding your creative juices and emotions is the best way to learn guitar fast. Take the boredom and monotonous practice time  and turn it into fun and productive time. Located below are several guitar courses, curriculum’s, programs and schools to choose from.

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  1. Dorothy Weinstein

    I fully agree with you, Danny, and believe so many of our recollections and even learning processes are based in some fundamental sensory memory. A song can evoke profound emotion and so can a smell, a taste, a touch, and a vision of something. This ability to link learning to our senses is so ingrained in our visceral reactions that I don’t think we are even aware of its amazing effects on us.

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