Concentrated Online Guitar Lessons: Chord Magic

Concentrated Online Guitar Lessons: Chord Magic

At a certain point in my guitar career, being of serious mind to learn guitar, I started learning that certain artists have an ingenious way of playing guitar chords. I was not trained in what most people consider the easiest method of learning to play the guitar. But from the onset, I wanted to learn Mr James Marshall Hendrix’s songs and vibe more than anything. I love and enjoy many other guitar players. But no one makes notes that pierce me like Mr Hendrix.

One of his innate, genius abilities was to get more out of a guitar chord than anyone else. When one first learns guitar chords, the focus is on learning them. Not necessarily applying them. Though it’s a good idea for you to learn The 5 tips for beginner guitar players, if you have no knowledge. The chords I speak of are advanced for the most part and take time to master the process of learning them. At a certain stage in my career it became apparent that the way Jim plays chords in several of his songs is unique and UN-duplicateable by any other guitar player.

Two songs that come to mind are “Castles Made Of Sand” and “The Wind Cries Mary”.  Both written by Jimi in his short 3 year career. I have taken an interest in guitar lessons, particularly online guitar lessons for a few years now.  I did not have a good private tutor in the beginning. So I owe most of my skills, or chops to working hard, a few tidbits from my private tutor. But, I needed some instruction periodically along the way. It was not of the free type, or even on YouTube, it was the stuff I had to pay for. FYI: I just want to say right now that if you want to call me personally on my cell phone to discuss with me your intentions and what guitar course may be in your best interests, please do so. I don’t have a free number, yet. 1-772-979-2887 EST 8 am to 6 pm.

If you are like me, it’s important to talk to an expert about the BEST online guitar lessons. Looking at internet adds, and even calling the companies yourself, sometimes does not produce the answers you were looking for. Listen, I get a commission for every course you buy from my site. It is not much. But I like to be proactive and make sure anyone who buys online guitar lessons from For Online Guitar Lessons gets the lessons that are in your best interests. Affordable, effective online guitar lessons for those who want to learn at home.

Every online video guitar lesson and every online DVD guitar lesson course recommended has been personally tested by myself. I want to get back on subject though. The way Jimi used chords was completely impromptu and innate. There was no formal sit down sessions where a song was planned out. Songs came to him in all sorts of places at practically anytime of the day or night. Whatever he had to write on was his medium.

Songs are based around guitar chords. Very often from standard timing arrangements like 4/4 timing at 79 bpm [beats per minute]. Or for the blues guitar player, The 12 Bar Blues, or standard 1-4-5 arrangement. Everyone likes a different beat. I can’t prove it, but it has to do with personal harmonic vibrations. The random, impromptu, chaotic and unpredictable rhythms Jimi Hendrix dreamed up and put to words are to me, the most heart piercing beats and notes in the world.

From the time I learned my first guitar chords, my desires were to master the “Jimi Hendrix Chord” and all of the awkward chords as effortless and beautiful as he did. And, as my skills grew things began to happen and some very important secrets were revealed to me. I will nor BS you. As in intermediate player already, online video guitar lessons had limited things to offer me. But the things were priceless, well only 20 dollars or less per month. I could start the lessons and stop them as often as I wanted to.  I could replay them over and over for no extra cost.

Once I started developing the skills to play a song like Castles Made Of Sand, the  genius and open-minded,  right from the heart, chordal arrangements and rhythms started to make some sense to me [I like to understand things, although it is not necessary at all]. After 5 and a half years of a combination of things. Mostly my dedication to practicing. And learning how to practice. What I mean by that statement is we all have a little bit different way of absorbing material. For me, I have to repeat over and over to remember. Almost to a point of insanity, to anyone listening. One of the courses I recommend has the right solution for you.

There is no denial that practicing can be tedious sometimes. As I learn more, I like to practice more. The more you know the better things stick in your mind. Thus turning into instinctive, innate muscle memory. When this starts to happen the beauty of the way Jimi expressed chords starts to unlock and sometimes you have the enjoyment of feeling the depth of the song too. The more you play the song, the better it gets. You may notice I say “play the song”, not practice the song”.

When you get to this level of playing the guitar. And let me say it varies from person to person and what songs you choose to learn. But it turned into playing the guitar 90 percent of the time for me now. You won’t consider it practicing it anymore. Myself, well I love, and look forward to playing 6 out of 7 days a week. For 1.5 to 2 hours. My experience is thus, the better my skills become, the faster I can learn a song. The faster I learn it, the less practicing I do and more playing of said song. I am not saying that learning to play Hendrix is fast or easy, but plenty of songs are, and most people would know a lot more easy guitar songs after 5 plus years of playing guitar than me.

So give me a call if you want to talk turkey about which online guitar lessons will suit your best interests. My number is 1-772-979-2887. I hope to have a free number someday. A call is cheap. Or, ask me in the comment area. It beats wasting money and time trying to figure it out by running all over town and wasting gas trying private tutors. It also saves wasting time trying the wrong guitar curriculum. And, it won’t cost you a penny more. My name is Danny. for online guitar lessons.



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  1. Magic is the right word–to me it means that the music uses all of me–my mind and body. Thanks for an interesting blog!

  2. Nice, I love Castles Made of Sand! I see your contact info there.. I just may call! hehe

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