Here an interesting comment to the post…Did the Crossroads theory contribute to Jimi Hendrix’s possible murder…I agree 100 percent. It was murder. The above link is the article being commented on. Thank you. Enjoy.

7/16/11 12:09 pm
I can’t believe people would entertain this total crap about any “Crossroads Theory”. All it does is remove the energy needed to defend Jimi once and for all, (something that was never done) into a zany devil worship theory that belongs in the proper category it belongs in of useless input.
Jimi wasn’t murdered in the astral plane of satan worship he was murdered on firm Earth overseen by common laws. It is these common laws that the authorities in charge have been desperate to avoid applying in Jimi’s case. Even with a confession and forensic evidence that proves murder the authorities in charge have shown no interest in reviewing Jimi’s death. People who float bizarre Crossroads theories are only assisting those authorities in their evasive purposes and indirectly blaming Jimi for his own death.
If anyone was going to apply a Crossroads theory in Hendrix’s death it would not be a religious crossroads but a covert one located in the Bahamian banks Jeffery put Jimi’s money in. Those banks were the CIA’s most sensitive secret Cold War Black Ops funding source at the time. Jimi was firing Jeffery and sending lawyers to investigate those banks and what happened to his money in them. Shortly after, Jimi died by covert means in a way only practiced by covert murderers trying to make their deed appear as an accidental drug overdose. The real “Crossroads” we are talking about here is between the mob and CIA through Jeffery and those banks.
The “devils” that Jimi had a secret contract with were not supernatural but were very real with much more earthly motives. This explains why the British Government is so desperate to avoid processing even the most basic obvious evidence concerning Jimi’s death. People who divert the real causes to crazy devil worship only help Jimi’s real murderers get away with their crime.

I have more comments concerning Jimi Hendrix’s death. A break from writing about online guitar lessons. I hope you enjoy and don’t hold back  your comments, please.

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  1. So, right on cue Amy Winehouse dies at 27 and reinforces the theory. Another reckless rock n roller with a devil-may-care attitude towards zealous drug use dies from their bad habits (that is, if there wasn’t another cause).

    If you’ve studied intel psy-ops, the people who promote this theory are something they are very happy over because they are doing their dirty work for them by promoting this occult occurrence as if it was a voodoo curse. If you’ve studied psy-ops black ops you would see that local superstitions have been exploited by intel killers before. Most likely Mockingbird media plants are subtly pushing this theory.

    If you look at the media and internet coverage of Ms Winehouse’s death you’ll see the Jimi Hendrix drug death rag doll pulled right back into its display case and prominently line-up in a row with the other victims. You have to think of the media as being a giant coward that won’t tell the truth unless forced to. If you scan the Winehouse-induced internet traffic on the “27 Club” you’ll see numerous entries referring to Jimi as a 27 Club casualty. He is basically useful as fodder to stuff in to this mystical club in order to create a good article. Scan the internet for truthful articles investigating Jimi’s murder, however, and you won’t find as much material. Jimi is highly useful as a prop for the superstitious “27 Club”, but almost non-existent as an indicator of another very shadowy underground club of which their are many members.

    The public is an ass and its objectives and methods are cowardly. Jimi Hendrix is a member of the “27 Club” all right, but his membership wasn’t self-induced or voluntary. It’s kind of insulting and cowardly to enthusiastically include Jimi as a member of this club, and refer to “conspiracy theories” that suggest he was murdered, while doing nothing to promote the widely-available evidence to show that’s true. There’s more than a modicum of chilling depravity in selling Jimi as a 27 Club prop while taking a pass on examining his murder or doing justice for him.

    You’ll find the silence that follows these posts is something that isn’t new. Real efforts to pursue justice for Jimi almost always receive silence, or even hostility from Hendrix’s so-called ‘fans’. This is something that hasn’t changed in the 41 years since Jimi was murdered, and it’s probably the main reason the governments in charge have gotten away with the murder of ignoring the evidence for so long.

  2. That is a very interesting comment. I don’t doubt for a minute that Hendrix was murdered. I think his manager had reason enough given that he had been stealing his clients earnings, and was about to be fired. I am not wild about government these days, and don’t well trust them on their best days, but I am not sure I would add the government in on Jimi Hendrix murder conspiracy. Still and all I love this commenter on your site.

  3. If you want to see the true nature of the media Google Amy Winehouse Hendrix and read the articles that come up. What the media has done is capitalize on Winehouse’s death in order to create this “27 Club” issue by which to indirectly pose Jimi Hendrix as a drug casualty. By doing this the media poses itself as a moral judge and lesson-teacher. If you read the quotes on how Jimi died media sources regress to the overly-general choked on vomit after taking pills and drinking wine story. What you have there is a force that seeks to avoid the truth and the terrible scandal involving Jimi’s death and the media’s own participation in covering it up. Even with all the controversy of late about how Jimi died, and even a confession from Tappy Wright, the media is still seeking its safe spot in classifying not only Jimi as a drug death but their using it as an example. The media isn’t clean or honest. Once they use someone for their political purposes they like to keep them there no matter what the facts. What you are seeing here is the true nature of the media and when given the opportunity to report the truth, or given the opportunity to defame an innocent person according to their corrupted purposes, they’ll choose the latter. We now have Jimi hammered back in to the drug death category via the “27 Club” and all the articles that jump to reporting it as a sensational item. We have no articles reporting how Jimi was murdered or how the media does the dirty work of the powers that be that murdered him and then slandered him by corrupted means, even when the evidence for his murder was out there.

  4. You can’t avoid government involvement in Hendrix’s death if you follow the evidence. The British Government not only covered-up Jimi’s murder at the time with an incompetent Inquest, but it also denied any review of proven new evidence. Over here in America Jimi was on FBI’s list of worst threats to the US Government known as the “Security Index”. This could explain the lack of any serious investigation into his death over in England.

    There’s a very creepy and very real possibility that Monika Dannemann may have been a witting or unwitting intel infiltrator. To understand the potential complexity behind Jimi’s death you have to study the Bahamian banks Jeffery put Jimi’s money in to. Those banks were at the crossroads of a dirty relationship between the CIA and the US mob where CIA was taking mob money and using it for covert ops. They used offshore banks because they would never have to account for the money or what they used it for. I kid you not when I say it is very possible Jimi was being used by this program and having his money fed into it by Jeffery, whose MI-6/mob background might also make him an involuntary participant in this program. As soon as Jimi fired Jeffery and threatened to send lawyers to those highly sensitive CIA banks he died by means of a classic covert murder method. Before you react with accusations of crackpot conspiracy theory I suggest you Wikipedia BCCI bank. Scroll down and read how it was a main CIA bank used to fund Oliver North’s Contra war. The banks Jeffery was using were funding contemporary critical anti-communist operations. You have no idea how much those governments actually were involved – which explains the total lack of investigation with so much evidence. It also explains Jeffery’s desperation to kill Jimi. This is why they are happy to put out Tappy’s business-related motive with no follow-through. It makes people stop looking further.

    Jeffery: “I had to do it, I had no choice.”

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