Buying Online guitar Lessons?

I want online guitar lessons.

Before I purchase a product or recommend a product, I like to do the research first. I don’t mind being patient and thorough. No guess work, but cold hard facts. Facts work for me. So, who would you buy online guitar lessons from? Do what I do, buy a product that has been on the market for a while. One that has stood the test of time, so to speak. An online video guitar lessons company with outstanding customer service and support. Personally, If I take a recommendation from someone, you can bet I think they have some knowledge and authority on the subject.

Having brought up the term authority, brings me to websites. I don’t know how much you know about the internet, but as a general rule, the older and more seasoned a site is, the more authority it carries. For example, Wikipedia is a seasoned very high authority informational website.

When I was looking for a doctor to do surgery on my shoulder and both elbows last year [2010],  I looked for the best, properly seasoned orthopedist, with matching credentials. It was not about price. I wanted a doctor who had a good reputation and was not too young. I wanted someone with experience and had been practicing for a while.

The point of this whole diatribe is that is an “authority” website. You can ask Google, or Jeffrey at I have been using the best SEO technology to deliver the most accurate, realistic reviews of the top online guitar lessons to you.

What I’m suggesting is because I have worked hard to earn a good reputation and have an authority website, my experience with online guitar lessons may be greater than someone reviewing guitar lessons with less experience or who has never taken a guitar lesson. Buy your online guitar lessons through We hope we earned your respect for delivering quality guitar information to you for over four years now. I would like to think you trust GuitarPlayersCenter enough by now to choose one of the tested and recommended video guitar lesson courses, guitar lessons for beginners course, or a  guitar lessons adults program that is best for your interests.

My credentials are as such;  I took my first guitar lessons when I was 11 years old. I’m 57 now. I have a lot of experience with playing the guitar, learning the guitar and guitar lessons in general. Online lessons using DVD’s offer great benefits too. FYI, I don’t play in a band or teach guitar. I like to play guitar and learn as much as possible.

So, back to the point, examine all of the blog articles I have posted for free over the years. It should be clear I’m passionate about playing the guitar and learning the guitar and Jimi Hendrix. I go to the garage everyday and enjoy practicing. In reality I’m playing the guitar, simply put, I’m in learning mode all of the time.

Any intelligent consumer will buy the online guitar lessons from the school they feel is best suited. Reasons may vary from the cost to benefits. These are the lessons that were top on my list. I enjoyed trying them out, and will go back to reexamine them in the future and stay on top of the new internet guitar courses as they come out. I hope you take the time to examine the different online guitar lessons I recommend. From video guitar lessons to guitar lessons on DVD.

It certainly would not be in my best interests to recommend crummy guitar lesson sites. I have been self employed for over 30 years. Recommending the best most effective products, in terms you understand what I try to do. I have a reputation to uphold too, and even if you don’t buy online guitar lessons recommended by, you will keep us in high regard and return. Enjoy.

Video guitar lessons too!

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  1. As always–very helpful!!!

  2. Yep, I’m convinced. 😉

  3. Hi, Nice publish. I wish everyone would pay such attention to their own publish as you perform. I came acros your blog upon yahoo when looking for the area. I will come back to your site. I’m sorry for my personal poor englisch, i am in the netherlands. Best regards in the netherlands!

  4. Decisions, decisions, decisions. It’s always difficult to look for the right material when learning something new..will look around the site.

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