Use your brain Buy online guitar lessons right now.

Use your brain Buy online guitar lessons right now.

Do you ever think of how information soaks into your brain? The mind, also called the brain, but is more than a brain, and has the ability to, and literally does, soak the information in, as you repeat every guitar lesson, guitar song, or pattern of notes over and over until it becomes lodged in an area of your brain called the cerebellum. This area is for muscle memory. Muscle memory is only one small function of the mind. It’s not necessary to be a genius, or even really smart to develop muscle memory. Some off the best¬† guitar players get drunk all the time and/or use drugs on occasion and display unbelievable muscle memory.

Muscle memory in primary, is a function of repetition. So, the average person can develop their muscle memory by practicing more. Everything you do, except innate actions like breathing, or your heart beating, uses muscle memory of some sort. Therefore, I suggest you make your practice sessions fun and often, in the process of learning to play the guitar, preferably using online guitar lessons, and putting your nose to the grinding stone. Examine the JamPlay Review before you decide on a guitar course. Right off the bat, it was made clear to me that practicing my guitar is fun and produces positive results. Over the years, the more positive results I get, the more fun it is to practice and discover new emotions from inside my soul.

Every now and then, if you have been practicing a lot, or playing the guitar a lot, you may benefit from a small break. For instance, if one becomes obsessed with learning something new, and practices it every day for 1.25 to 2 hours for 2 or 3 months,  it may be very beneficial to take a few days off from playing my guitar. Usually something called life comes up and disrupts me anyway.

What I notice is that when I return to my normal guitar practicing, playing sessions, I am better at what I was working so hard at playing before. Well, some of it certainly is my layoff time, mentally and physically, and the act of my mind recovering. Similar to working out your muscles, brains need time to recover too. Getting back to playing my guitar brings out all of this new emotion, but a certain amount of my new found vibe is because in some mysterious manner, my mind soaked it up and it stuck. I’m not a doctor, but I know these facts to be true. I have credible sources to back me up if you want them. { My Really Smart PHD. Sister }

When I’m playing the guitar at my best, I’m not thinking, per say. My mind wanders, odd stuff goes through it. I can only hear the beat in the background. Rhythm, timing, it’s everything, or else you are just playing lots of notes. Timing is your expression of emotion, musical emotion is unique to human beings. Humans have the necessary components in their brains to process emotion and act out musically.

Emotion is what separates how each human interprets a piece of music. That is why some people like Bach, and some people like Jimi Hendrix, it’s all a matter of how your musical emotional center develops, and the musical input it receives at a young age.

If you want to learn guitar at home, I think you are making a great decision, the online guitar courses reviewed and recommended here cover rhythm and timing right off the bat, in understandable terms. The keyword here is ”understandable”. Easy to remember guitar lessons. Review each lesson independently, make your own decision. I have tried each course personally, each one has lots to offer. Examine them yourself for free.

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