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As a guitar teacher, nothing is more gratifying to me than giving kids private guitar lessons. To be part of the experience is a wonderful thing. Interactivity is the key. It is amazing at how fast children, or kids, learn new things. Especially if there is an interest or passion for said new thing. Although I’m an advocate of online guitar lessons, please humor me and read on.

Not only do I teach guitar, but I fix guitars. That’s right, I do guitar repairs and maintenance, upgrades and modifications. I am not a luthier, better known as a guitar maker. I don’t make guitars, I fix them.

Anyway, a guitar, specifically a Fender Bullet Squire Strat, was brought in for some simple repairs. The guitar belonged to a well manner young man I believe was 11 years old. I made the repairs and emailed my customer that it was ready. He responded by asking me if his son could have a guitar lesson when he picked the guitar up.

Yes, of course was my answer……. I’m going to cut to the meat of this post now. The young boy was excited to see his guitar. I asked how he was learning. He told me he had been taking free online guitar lessons from youtube. First off, I was surprised at how little he knew from online videos, which makes me think he was not looking in the proper place, like my guitar lesson reviews page! However, I knew he had talent and ability.

Read this article about people and kids with small hands please:

Guitar Chords for Children and People with Small Hands

We had our lesson and, both the kid and myself had a wonderful time. He learned more in one lesson than one years worth of online guitar lessons. Which is a good reason to read my guitar lesson reviews first.

I taught him the three chords of a 1-4-5 12 bar blues pattern in key of E.

Chords: E, A, and B.

Within 30 minutes he remembered the chords, then I was able to play a slow lead, nod my head and say E: he strummed the E chord the appropriate amount of times and stopped as I played the next lead riff in A, and he strummed the next chord [A] the correct amount of times, and on to the third chord [B] , back to the first chord, and so on.

Within the hour, we were having fun, as in, playing a duet. The moral is nothing beats some good old fashioned face to face, or Skype guitar lessons for beginners. The human element is absolutely necessary in the earliest stages. Interactivity is so important to development, gratification, and success. Theory will come next, in moderate doses, remember that jimi Hendrix, SRV, Buddy Guy, and most of my guitar heroes were self taught.

Even the best video lessons such as Jamplay, and Guitar Tricks don’t allow for the interactivity I have with my students. Once a student has mastered the qualities needed, I often recommend, if they so choose, to turn to one of the video guitar lesson courses online, or DVD guitar lessons, all of which I have qualified and use proven methods with lessons galore

Lastly, humans are receptive to guitar lessons for beginners much faster and with greater depth in a face to face/private situation. By setting the groundwork then, the future is unlimited in fun and level of expertise. I am making these statements out of fact, not speculation. Some of my students are seniors, which present their own set of issues.

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