Accumulated Guitar Practice Time Adds Up

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Relative to my last post, this article discusses how practice time accumulates every time you practice your lesson or a specific exercise. Every time you pick up your guitar and go over your lesson plan, or play a certain lick or measure of music, that is practice time. We spoke of using your best investigative skills to find the best online guitar lessons. I want to make this clear right off the bat. An educated or well informed consumer makes better decisions. That is why I write these posts, to educate you on the best ways to learn guitar. is full of educational guitar articles.

 Learn and master guitar.


My last post I discussed the secret to learn and master guitar. Some of the numbers may seem unreal or unreachable. That is not true. Practice time accumulates fast. You are not in a race, so it’s important to learn and master the secret mentioned in my last post. What you need to fully understand  is that anything you practice, accumulates practice time. So it stands to reason that a lick you may have been learning for 6 months and may have 500 hours of practice time involved in,  means you learned and remembered said piece of music during that time, and it is lodged in your muscle memory now.

NOTE: The terms lick, measure, phrase, piece of music, maneuver and scale/s all have the same meaning. Don’t get confused. I use all of the words in my post.

So, if the next piece of music, scale or exercise you choose, or is given to you by your guitar teacher includes the measure you have 500 hours into already. Then learning the new piece is easier because you already have accumulated practice time for the part of the new lick you already know. I hope this makes sense. As you learn new licks, practice time grows fast and accumulates in manner where you grow faster as a guitar player.

Each successive piece of music may be more difficult, yet with the total time amassed playing more and more licks, measures, maneuvers, the gratification grows, even as the difficulty grows. Because you have been a diligent practicer using proven practice methods, having perfect technique with a means to your madness, and have learned to sit and enjoy playing a certain maneuver over and over until you grasp it, the feeling of confidence will fill you up with goodness. That in itself is a large part of becoming a good guitar player.

Confidence is a large part of success in any endeavor. The best guitar teachers know that and make sure beginner guitar players enjoy some early gratification. Positive reinforcement is my favorite way to build  a secure feeling and encourage growth. It’s gotta be fun. As far as I’m concerned, practice is playing guitar too. Enjoy the sounds. The cool sounds are why Jimi Hendrix had to have a guitar.

I have to speak about the 80,000 hour rule. Well before you reach 80,000 hours of practice time on any one piece of music, most people understand and have memorized the lick and can play it very well. So don’t let my earlier post scare you. It was only to make a point as to how much time it takes to play like the true greats. Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy, SRV, and many more. Eddie Van Halen is known for staying in his room practicing his guitar, as his friends played.

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