I was listening to the radio the other day. It was a sports station, but the subject caught my ear, because it was interesting, plus I heard the words guitar player. They were discussing how many times it takes for a professional athlete to learn a particular movement, or have to change or modify a specific technique or movement at a later point in said career.

The discussion had to do with muscle memory to be exact. If you follow my blog, you know that developing muscle memory is the real secret to learn and master guitar. When the guest was asked how many times an athlete needs to repeat a particular motion to learn it or change it, the guest brought up 3 different subjects that required literally unimaginable amounts of practice to learn, or in this case re-learn.

What shocked me and really opened my ears was he included learning guitar and playing guitar as one example of something that needs lots of practice at to perform at a professional level. He was discussing how important it is to not develop bad habits from the beginning. That changing a long term bad habit can be more work than developing the correct techniques in the first place. It’s important to note some athletes and guitar players have to learn new techniques as they mature for various reasons.

You may have heard of the guest person answering the question, Trent Dilfer. He is a sports analyst now, he won a Super Bowl with the Ravens in 2000. The subject was more interesting than he is! But he knows his stuff. Read on.

The interviewer asked Trent if it’s possible to, and how much time and effort is involved in, someone like Tiger Woods having to change his golf swing, or Tim Tebow [QB for Broncos] changing his throwing motion. In regards to Tiger, the question concerned the reasons Tiger needs to change his swing, and if he can do it, and what it takes. In regards to Tim, the question was: can Tim change his throwing motion and become an elite NFL quarterback, for both, the question is: what it takes and how long.

He said you can throw professional guitarists into this vibe too, to learn guitar at a high level is harder than changing your golf swing or throwing motion, in his opinion. In my opinion, it was very cool that he included learning guitar with the two sports examples.

The number 80,000 was mentioned. He said that changing a particular movement or response which was learned during childhood can be achieved, but the relearning process involves having a [relevant to the subject] qualified teacher or coach, and repeating the correct motion enough times to change the muscle memory already created and etched in your brain.

Re-learning actually takes more time and practice than learning for the first time. When we learn for the first time, as a kid, our minds are flexible and ready to accept and remember input. As we age our minds become less capable of changing. It does not mean we can’t learn or modify certain things, it only means it may be more work to relearn or learn for the first time as a more mature person.

I know the number 80,000 sounds like a lot, and it is. To repeat a song, guitar chords, scales or an exercise 80,000 times is a lot to be sure. Though, if you are working on something like a certain guitar lick, and you practice it 50 times a day. It will add up fast. Hey, I read an article about a basketball player who not pnly practiced with the team everyday, but stayed late to practice his 3 point shot. He shot 1000 3 pointers every day after practice. At that rate, 80,000 will come fast. BTW, Chris Mullen was one of the greatest 3 point shooters, ever.

But, with the right training or coaching, right from the start, and diligent practice sessions, you will notice your skills improve before eighty thousand repetitions occur, thus providing a degree of self fulfillment. You will start to sound good well before the number 80,000 is reached, thus making practice fun, and more desirable. All of which adds up to your fulfillment and a rich feeling of accomplishing something positive through your sheer effort.

Regardless of what you do in life, it takes practice to improve. For instance, if you want to learn guitar, starting with the right online guitar lessons is a must. Most people who take up a hobby or sport very early in life, have some thoughts of becoming a professional someday. The truth is no matter what you decide to do with your skills, everyone starts at the beginning and has to learn and practice to improve.

Believe me, to learn and master your first guitar song won’t take anywhere near the amount of repetitions talked about. In fact in less than an hour, you can learn an easy guitar song with the right instruction. It does not make you an expert, but it’s positive reinforcement, and that’s a good start to anything that is important enough to put valuable time into.

If you want more information regarding this secret, then make sure to look into our top rated online guitar lessons reviewed, the courses, that is. One of them is sure to fit your learning needs. Regardless of your level or previous training, it won’t take long to get you started playing the guitar, or correct some bad habits. GuitarPlayersCenter.com .


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