Jimi Hendrix’s 1969 Album Set For Release

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Jimi Hendrix---Clifton Smith-painting

Jimi Hendrix---Clifton Smith-painting

Ready for a New Jimi Hendrix album? I Always get excited when anything new musically speaking, is put on the market from the greatest guitar player and entertainer of all time and composer of all times. Here is taste of the interview about Jimi’s new album. Personally, I can’t wait for it. I’ll be ready to lighten the mood, kick back in my comfortable chair and go into a trance, far, far away, while I listen to Jimi’s New album. Enjoy.

Here is a transcript of the interview:

Jimi Hendrix only released four official studio albums during his lifetime. Monday, Sony Music and the Hendrix estate announced a new album, to be released March 9. It’s called Valleys of Neptune.

Most of the songs on the new release were recorded in London in a series of 1969 sessions. Eddie Kramer, a longtime Hendrix engineer, was there.

“This was the year that Jimi was trying everything to find the right direction,” he says. Kramer says the guitarist was experimenting, and came to Olympic Studios to try out some new material.

“Jimi was jamming with different musicians,” Kramer says. “I think he had the concept of a new album that would follow from Electric Ladyland.”

The tapes have languished in a London vault for the past 40 years. Kramer says he knew they were there and went to look for them with Janie Hendrix, Jimi’s half-sister and the head of the Seattle-based company that controls the musician’s estate. The new album is slated to be the first in a series of Hendrix music and DVD documentaries the company plans to release.

Kramer says he spent a year remastering the old analog tapes, using state-of-the-art digital technology to clean up the sound. But not too clean: Kramer says he was trying to bring out the essence of Jimi Hendrix.

“This is Jimi, when he plays the guitar, and it jumps out of the track. The hair on the back of my neck just stands up,” he says. “It’s so raw and in your face.”

Kramer says hearing the tapes again was a bittersweet experience. He says Hendrix was not only a client but also a friend.

“He was the greatest guitarist I ever had the privilege of working with,” he says. End…..

I wait anxiously for the new album. Many people listen to Hendrix and simply don’t understand his vocabulary in regards to the unique and satisfying sounds he coaxed out of his guitar, not just his lyrics. His guitar work is indescribable, effortless and uncover-able. And the words that came out of his mouth can only be fully understood by a Voodoochild, like me. I’m sure that is why Jimi impacted my life so much. A lot of folks have trouble understanding his lyrics, they make perfect sense to me.

Just wanted to spread the word on the upcoming, posthumous album from the Jimi Hendrix Experience Organization. I’ll be sure to review it when I get it in March. Enjoy. GuitarPlayersCenter.com

3 Responses to Jimi Hendrix’s 1969 Album Set For Release

  1. pzychotropic

    I really hope this isn’t another over-hyped Hendrix release.
    There have been so many disappointments I’ve had with the endless rehashes of inferior Hendrix jams that were never intended to be listened to by anyone outside those sessions.
    I’ve got to say I’m starved of inspirational guitaring to listen too and really hope there is even just a spark of his genius contained in this latest album.

  2. Really interesting! Hadn’t heard there’s a new album out! I know my son will be excited. Thanks for the advance notice.

  3. this should be a good one Eddie is the man he wont let it suck as long as jimi is playing on the tracks he will make it sound great CANT WAIT HENDRIX FREAK FOREVER

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