On October 24th I was listening to the radio and a program came on that took my attention away from what I was doing. Anytime I hear Jimi Hendrix s name, it captures my attention. Jimi Hendrix, the greatest guitar player and composer ever. Well, I started to listen expecting to hear the same old stuff I’ve heard so many times. But this interview was different. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

“If you pass through the mythology about him, his childhood reflects all the values that we want to teach our children about. Persistence, and loving what you do, and having goals, positive goals, and investing yourself. That’s the way I approached it.”

Now that is refreshing to read or hear. If you want to read the rest of this article or listen to the whole interview go to NPR.

Practically everything has been said, and will be repeated many more times about Jimi, and his musical and guitar virtuosity. The mystical side of Jimi Hendrix and his death and how he lived and so on has been repeated too many times, that’s why this was soothing to my ears. A different take.

I think this interview is exceptional in it’s value to all children and children that want to learn to play guitar. People talk about Beethoven all the time [he was not such a nice guy, did you know that?], and rightfully so, he was a genius, in a certain sense he set the table for music. Yet, it’s no less important for our children to know who Jimi Hendrix was and his undeniably equal impact on music and guitar playing he made to the world too.

It’s unethical, prejudice, irresponsible [education] and ignorant to leave Jimi Hendrix out of any conversation about musical geniuses. Especially kids. I was a kid when I first heard him. He really impacted my life, and helped formulate some of my thinking patterns. I’m not a criminal or drug freak. Never been to jail, or even been arrested. My position on the matter is Jimi Hendrix was a very positive influence on me.

So, lets say his impact on music was his greatest achievement, not his guitar playing, the way he manipulated and  imitated sounds with his effects pedals, amps and guitars to achieve his unique and unreproducible sounds. From that point of view only, he changed, or better put, designed the blueprint for rock and roll, the blues and playing the guitar.

Jimi is the teacher. He set the stage for a lot of people like me to pursue guitar lessons. Then work tirelessly every day to become a guitar player. I have taken guitar lessons from some of the best teachers. I have tried some outstanding online guitar lessons too. But every guitar lesson I ever took, and every time I sit down to play my guitar is for one reason only. To make two people who are not with me anymore happy. My dad, first and foremost and Jimi Hendrix.

I’ll see you guys on the next world, and I won’t be late. GuitarPlayersCenter.com

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3 Responses to The Immortal Jimi Hendrix…Guitar Player and Teacher..

  1. Daniel–
    What beautiful, kind words about the JIMI interview and the message behind it. Yes, Jimi has been a very “positive influence” (as you say) since his passing, and posts like yours will keep that legacy alive.

    very best,

  2. Dorothy Weinstein

    Beautiful! Nothing could be added to that.

  3. It was with the release of Purple Haze with it’s march cadence morphing into future funk that Jimi was announcing that the Blues had at that moment been militarized and that he was it’s General.The parable like revelatory nature of his compositions had him naming himself as different characters like” Black Gold” and for me most ironically as” King Out Of Sight”.In the African American community we used terms like “out of sight ” to denote that which was beyond all others and past compare like James Brown spoke of his lady friend in the song of the same name.The guitar continues to be the Sceptre of Rock and Roll and whoever holds the sceptre is King.His conscious braiding of electrical and emotive excitement to create an even more elastic arrangement of the gross condensed matter and matters in which we struggle made him travel at what he called “the speed of a reborn man.”King in absentia and still beyond compare.For him nothing less than justice will do.

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