When the passion boils in your veins for a particular artist or band, at least in my case, being able to feel and hold one of the guitars or instruments they played earlier in their career is very emotional and inspirational. By now, subscribers and readers in general know who is undeniably the greatest guitarist and composer of all times.

After posting a review of an Epiphone Prophecy Guitar, I became friendly with a Gentleman who operates an exclusive Epiphone Guitar Site. He contacted me and let me know that his site had a lot more good Epiphone information, bits and pieces not normally available. I examined his site and darn, he was telling the truth. I learned a lot from Kenny and enjoy him as a person.

Shortly after I posted an article on the guitars of Jimi Hendrix. One of the guitars Jimi played early on in his career was an Epiphone Wilshire Guitar. Well, luck was with me, because just a day or two ago I got to handle and examine an original Epiphone Wilshire. That being said, even though I could not play it, I was overwhelmed emotionally and plain old shocked to actual have my hands on it. It brought out a lot of passion, such as when I got to handle and play the SRV “Lenny” guitar.

As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Look at the detailed picture of an Epiphone Wilshire. More than that, you can actually study the specifications in great detail. The whole site, by and large is very interesting.

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12 Responses to Epiphone Wilshire Guitar Played By The Greatest

  1. Pzychotropic

    Interesting guitar information once again!
    Here’s a guitar that Hendrix never used (as far as I know)- A Hofner Galaxy… http://sandroliva.com/galaxy.html

    This used to be the guitar I dreamed of owning before I got my hands on my first stratocaster.

    I did actually have the chance to play one many years ago, but it didn’t turn out how how I had imagined.

    Ah well! It did look good!

  2. What do you know about those Stratocasters that come in the case with the amp and speakers in the case…from the 50s?

  3. Mac, Very cool, I think I’ll write about that,if you don’t mind. Hey man, have a good weekend and create a new masterpiece, just for me.

  4. Squara,
    what a wierd name!! Good question that makes for another cool article. Thanks for being a loyal reader, Dude. Any Openings you want to talk about?!!!

  5. Glad to see ya back Danny! Miss ya! I bet the Lenny Guitar was awesome to play! Getting ready to send the “pedal” down for trial too!

  6. I’m glad to be back Susie. Thanks. We need to be more interactive with each other.

  7. I’m soooo jealous, Danny. Must’ve been a treat to play such a lovely old guitar.

  8. Kenny, thanks, but I know you have played a few guitars I would looove to try on. Strats still rule!! Take it easy.

  9. I didn’t know Hendrix had played an Epiphone Wilshire.

    By the way, I recently discovered that there are 12-string Epiphone Wilshire guitars from the 60’s!

  10. Howard Epiguy

    The Epiphone Wilshires between 1959 and 1961 are actually VERY nice guitars. The early models with P-90’s and fat 50’s style necks are equal in tone and playability to ’59 and ’60 Les Paul Specials. After the body and neck were slimmed down and mini humbuckings were introduced it became a totally different guitar and is an acquired taste much like a Rickenbacker. Some of these later ones are ok but the mini humbuckings tend to have a rather tinny twinkely tone and if you play with a little volume it can become a (blizzard of nails). If you have one and it’s just TOO weak and bright put a screwdriver up to the polepiece screws and see if they are weak, if so you can try this trick to help the output a little and you don’t have to modify your old Epi in any way…Find a cheap junker guitar with humbuckings(they don’t even have to work)….Tear the pickup apart and retrieve the magnet. By coincidence almost all of these magnets will fit nicely on the bottom of the mini humbucking. Simply place it flat on the bottom of the mini humbucking against the polepiece screws and while it’s plugged in flip it and turn it etc. until you get the best output and tone. Experiment a little, some positions will have NO output. This helps because a lot of the old mini humbucking magnets seem to lose power. This is the trick that I learned from the 70’s Les Paul Deluxe’s….

  11. I recently acquired one of the `66 reissue Epiphone Wilshires and she is one sweet rock and roll guitar. I was not familiar with Wilshires before but I am a fan now.

  12. I Play An Epiphone Wilshire (Japan) 😀
    Its In Cherry Sunburst (:

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