What is Contractile Tissue to a Guitar Player?

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What is contractile tissue? And how in the heck is it related to achieving greatness at playing the guitar? Is it magic?

Guitar Lessons for Beginners Without a Smokescreen

Guitar Lessons for Beginners Without a Smokescreen

Contractile tissue is nothing more than the dominant tissue used in muscles. It is so called because the tissue is able to contract, either on demand or involuntary. For contractile tissue to work, it must first receive a signal from the brain. This signal is in the form of an electrical impulse, which starts in the brain and travels to the muscle via the body’s nervous system. Once at the muscle, a number of occurrences must happen in order for the contractile tissue to function as intended.

Contractile tissue has both thin and thick tissues. In order to contract muscles, the thick filaments which are made from a proteins must interact and connect to thin muscle proteins. The smaller muscle tissues actually surround the larger ones and cause the reaction.

Once the desired action has been completed, there will be a need for the contractile tissue to relax and recover.

While this process may sound complicated, it is carried out within a fraction of a second and happens countless time each day. It is part of muscle memory and allows muscles to work both on our own impulse and without impulse, operating independently to carry out innate life functions first and non vital second. Like playing a guitar, or deciding that starting online guitar lessons for beginners is your best avenue to learn.

Practicing your guitar on a regular basis, regardless of the level of guitar you play at increases muscle memory. Practicing regularly, every day if possible builds the ability to remember and effectively play your desired music. It seems like a magical process, and in a way it is.

So, contractile tissues are part of the makeup of muscles. In turn, the process of muscle memory is created by repetition. The repeated movements of the muscles develop a certain bond between the brain and muscles that in essence remembers the particular movements. When we can instinctively do certain tasks, as in playing the guitar without having to think about it very much, we have been successful in committing it to memory. Enjoy playing the guitar. Guitar Players Center. Enjoy.

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