New Warm Up and Strengthening Exercises

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New Warm Up & Strengthening Exercises Without Cloths

New Warm Up & Strengthening Exercises Without Cloths

I just got finished with my range of motion and strengthening exercises. No, I’m not talking about warming up exercises to play the guitar. I’m speaking of my rehabilitation exercises from shoulder surgery on Wednesday the 2nd of June. Nothing so far about the entire process, including the surgery and rehab exercises has hurt even close to how much my shoulder hurt before this procedure. You ask my wife, the Howard’s, my mom or sisters about if they think my shoulder hurt.

How much did it hurt? Well it started about 10 months ago, and it would get better for a month or two, then it would start to hurt again. After my trip to Maryland in February to see my sick dad. Note: My dad passed away on May 23rd. 2010. 2 weeks before his 92nd birthday, having being married to my mom for 58 years. He was the best. RIP. So I wasted no time finding the finest and most ‘surgically’ clean orthopedic surgeon in Fort Pierce, Florida, or, in Maryland, where I’m from.

Getting it fixed became a priority when I figured out that it was not a sprain. Oh, you know how bad it hurt, ever your arm ripped off? More than that! For real, it was so painful that seeing my nieces and nephews barely put a smile on my face.

I can only speak for the honesty and down to earth bed side manner with which he treated me, because I have never had surgery before. If you ask me though, my success is indicative of his excellent education and natural doctoring skills. It’s hard to believe on Wednesday morning I was repaired  using Arthroscopic tools. Cutting three 3/4″ holes in my right shoulder about 3″ apart, in a triangular pattern so he could insert the tool inside my shoulder.

Each of the three, 3/4″ incisions had a scope with cutting tools and a camera inserted into it while he looks at a picture screen and does the job. Very cool. First I was prepped up, it’s not very often that 3 women devote all of their attention to my comfort. The surgery took less than an hour. He removed a spur that was stabbing a nerve and trashed the old ‘bursa sack’, then lifted up the shoulder muscles, literally, to examine the rotator cuff and tendons.

I like people who exceed expectations. I write a lot of blogs about guitar lessons for beginners now. In a way, finding the right doctor is like finding the best guitar lessons for beginners. I did my homework and made a decision on the facts. One fact is that too many people get serious infections after arthroscopic surgeries and too many people have poor results afterwards too. So I not going to choose a doctor arbitrarily.

I used the same research techniques my dad would have used, finding information on things like his education, where he went to school and for how long. What exactly did he study? How long has the doc been practicing with his current practice. Any lawsuits? And, word of mouth, the best way to find almost anything that interests you.

When will I pick up my axe? In 2 or three days I should be able to handle my guitar for at least short periods of time. I can’t wait. Since my elbow surgery on April 21st, I have been putting in lots of extra practice time, figuring I would be out of commission a lot longer than the 2 days I was out from my left elbow repair. In the meantime I’m listening to my favorite tunes, the ones I’m learning now, and or know, over and over, pounding the rhythms into my brain.

The name of the orthopedist who fixed me is Dr. Robert Forster in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. Thanks Doc, I’ll be playing my guitar soon.

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