Steve Miller Rocks, He is 65 years old today

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Steve Miller knows how to rock out. He rocked my world as a teenager in the 1960’s, and when I listen to him now, just like “Big Bubba”, Bill Clinton, he still has “the juice”. There are a lot of reasons Stevie was so talented and composed so many time-less songs. Steve had a bunch of musical support right off the bat. His mother was an accomplished singer, and his father, Dr. George “Sonny” Miller, MD., was an amateur recording engineer in his spare time. Many relatives of Steve’s were musicians, and he received his first guitar at age 4. Stevie proved he had the musical genes also immediately and enjoyed performing early on.

It gets better, Les Paul, and his wife, Mary Ford, were regular visitors at the Steve’s Dads house. Les and Mary taught Steve his first chords when he was five years old. Steve still uses some of the techniques they taught him at that time. The Miller family moved to Dallas, Texas in 1950. Steve’s dad continued recording various styles of music. Great musicians of the time continued to appear at the Miller house, including legendary blues man T-Bone Walker.

Given Steve’s talent as a composer and musician, the songs he composed are all great, and the ones he performed by other composers have his fingerprints all over them. You won’t be disappointed. Wikipedia has a full biography of Stevie Miller, if you want more details on his life and band.

It brings back cool memories, Guitar Players Center is happy to share with you our favorite You Tube Steve Miller Videos. Relax, enjoy and listen to some Steve Miller this Sunday morning. Music Videos are good:

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  2. Even my friend’s 3 year loves Steve Miller (you gotta love a little guy singing “I’m a midnight toker…”).

    All Hail, Danny!

  3. Everyone loves Steve Miller, they may not know it yet, but they do.

  4. Steve Miller certainly has a great story… I wonder how many people today realize the type of company the Miller household would receive? As well as knowing that he jammed with many of the blues greats such as Paul Butterfield, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and Buddy Guy.

    Really enjoy the blog. I’ll be back to check it out some more.

    All The Best,


  5. I love Steve Miller.He was one of musicians that continued the tradition of the American troubadour.Equally adept at playing AND writing songs, he has blasted through the radios of millions of us with his timeless blues pop/rock.He deserves every accolade and stands in similar stead to his American contemporaries such as Joe Walsh and John Hiatt.I am an Aussie and we dig the same bstuff you guys do.

    It is amazing to hear Steve’s early life included such luminaries as Les Paul and Mary Ford, and so many blues Greats that he met whilst young.To have been around whilst all those greats recorded would have been fantastic.

  6. I am through with the no guitar lessons for beginners from Democrats and the Republicans. I am emailing the link to this blog to everyone I can think of, including the White House. I know they don’t read emails, but hey, it’s the principle of the thing.

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