James Marshall Hendrix (Nov. 27, 1942 to Sept. 18, 1970) better known as Jimi Hendrix left a big void in my life when he died so young after a brief recording career. I totally associated with and understood every note he struck and every word he spoke. I guess both of us are Voodoo Children!

Not very many artists can claim to have the popularity and sheer genius Jimi exposed us to. It took a long time for the classical music world to get their stuck up noses fixed and admit he was a total musical genius. Easily Bach and Beethoven’s equal.

His style is indescribable and most of his music was written on napkins or scrap paper and put to a tune he made up depending on his feelings. Jimi was not musically educated, which is further proof that only a being from Venus could have the most addictive vibe ever.

The only song Jimi wrote that followed standard “12 bar” blues was “Red House”. The 12 bar blues structure is not why it’s my favorite song, It’s the song itself and it’s dirty rotten low down blues message. Actually all of jimi Hendrix’s music is my favorite. He never wrote or played a bad song. Anyone got a problem with that?

Stevie Ray Vaughn used the 12 bar structure a lot in his music. I love SRV as well, but he is number two in my book. That is a compliment because he is my other main influence.

Anyway, the point of this blurb is to get your opinion. I have a selected a few versions of “Red House” videos that I consider to be superbly performed by other notable artists that do the song justice. I want to know which version you like the best. If you like a version I did not post, please send the link, I want to see it.

Videos Below

3 Responses to Enjoy “Red House” By Jimi Hendrix Guitar Videos.

  1. Wow, that was great fun, thanks for the video tour of Red House…isnt Eric Johnson amazing?

  2. Jimi definitely reminds me of Bach–both composed music that makes you absolutely ecstatic–you are in another heavenly worls when you listen!

  3. Amazing talent! I have some great sketches of Jimi and Stevie Ray on my blog! Stop in and take a gander, I love cranking up the tunes, Foxy Lady, and Pride and Joy and sketching some great legends!

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