Tablature (or Tabulature), tab or tabs is a form of musical notation, which tells players where to place their fingers on a particular instrument rather than which pitches to play.
The first known existence in Europe is around 1300. In Asia there exist much older tablature notation

Guitar tabs consists of a series of horizontal lines forming a staff (or stave) similar to standard notation. Each line represents one of the instrument’s strings therefore standard guitar tab has a six-line staff and bass guitar tab has four lines. The top line of the tablature represents the highest pitched string of the guitar. By writing tablature with the lowest pitched notes on the bottom line and the highest pitched notes on the top line of the tablature follows the same basic structure and layout of Western Standard Notation.

Learning how to play the guitar and read guitar tabs
is something that will not take up a lot of your time. It can be a great tool if you are just learning to play.

If you don’t have the time or patience to learn to read standard notation, which can take years of practice……or if you don’t have a teacher to take guitar lessons from, then you will find this a quick way to learn to play the guitar.

Guitar Players Center will make learning how to read guitar tabs easy to understand.

Tablature can not convey precise information about timing and duration. The system counts on you to listen to the piece of music so that you are familiar with the rhythmic structure of the piece and the timing of the individual notes.

Standard music notation can take years to learn in entirety. In most cases a teacher most likely would show you how to read the notation, not necessarily understand the theory behind it. What I mean to say is, for instance, a person may be able to actually learn to read Chinese, but that doesn’t mean you understand what your saying. Standard music notation is a universal language that all musicians from anywhere in the world would understand. The best thing about reading standard music notation is that you don’t need to listen to the piece of music before you play it.

For rock, blues and most everything else, most of the lesson sites have excellent tab written by people who are professional music trans-posers and well known musicians, which, needless to say is the best way to go as far as accuracy issues go.

Visit JamPlay. For Guitar Players at any level. Fortunately you can buy tab from them and buy video guitar lessons too. As I mentioned earlier the tabs presented are transposed by well educated and well known musicians and are accurate to a tee.

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