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One of the most useful and important tools for any guitar player is called a metronome. In order to learn how to keep your ‘beat’ or timing, it is essential to have some sort of equipment or guitar tools to keep your beat or timing exactly the same. If you have enough experience to play with a band, then it is the drummers job to keep the beat exactly the same through out a song. Although many of us use the bass player to keep a beat.

Guitar Tools, Guitar Tabs

Guitar Tools, Guitar Tabs

When you learn to play the guitar, most of the time you spend practicing different scales and chord exercises, since you don’t have a drummer or bass player to take your cue from, most folks use a metronome. Learning to keep time is one of the primary and first ingredients to receive when you take your first lessons. Another ingredient that takes a close second place on the ingredients list is how to read guitar tabs.

Learning to keep time in the early stages of your guitar education is critical. Especially if you want to play with other guitarists or in a band someday. Even if you are simply learning to play the guitar for yourself only, it is important to keep time if you are going to sing some songs while you play. To keep it simple I recommend a metronome over some of the machines that have hundreds of beats stored in them, especially in the beginning, so you won’t get confused.

When I first learned to play the guitar, there were no other methods to keep time, except for a metronome. In fact, I still use a metronome generated beat on occasion now. Although I’m at a point where I understand the more complicated beats now. Any good guitar course will put emphasis on the beat.

Getting back to guitar tabs, learning to read guitar tabs and being able to use the tab to speed up the process by having the notes or music in front of you to read is critical as far as the best teachers are concerned. Having the tab music in front of you while you play to a beat is the best way to commit what you are learning to your brain memory and finally to muscle memory.

Muscle memory is a key word here. As in any act we perform over and over again, our muscles literally learn to memorize the movements eventually, which allows one to perform said task without having to think as much about it. It becomes instinct when it finally is etched in your muscle memory.

The last ingredient to learning to play the guitar and sticking with it is to remember that anyone who suggests you can learn to play the guitar in 2 weeks is not being honest with you. Basically, those cheap course are setup for failure. there is no fast way to become an accomplished player. The best advise I can give you is to use a learn to play the guitar course with DVD’s and Tab books. Stick to a realistic regimen and practice every day, within a few months you will be able to play some simple songs. Don’t forget that the effort you put in will be very gratifying to you as soon as you learn that first song.

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  1. Great tips! I think it’s important for beginner guitarists to spend a lot of playing time with a metronome. In order to play in a band, it’s imperative to have good timing and that is best taught at the beginning stages rather than later on.

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