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A very common and frustrating problem for beginning guitar students is not being able to change chords quickly, fluently and musically. This may be frustrating for you, the guitar teacher, too, when you are not sure about how to solve the problem.

There may be more than one reason why a student may struggle when trying to change chords smoothly. So the first thing to do when dealing with this challenge is to determine why the problem exists. You need to decide if your student has one of the following problems:

#1. A physical coordination problem
#2. He/she has not been practicing
#3. A lack of understanding of the lesson
#4. A mental processing problem

My suggestion is to provide the student with an introductory set of beginner guitar chords. By doing so and helping your student learn how to play the chords, and having them practice the art of learning the chords, is in essence a way to start to develop your chord skills while learning other basic and essential ingredients that require muscle memory also.

My reasoning for learning to commit time to chords at the start is that thousands of songs use the same simple chords, which are arranged in different orders and played to different rhythms. The ability to play lead comes later on in the quest to learn to play guitar.

Which brings me to the major scale. The major scale is the basis of every piece of music ever made. Although many fine guitar players have little knowledge of scales, it is a bonus to know some basic scales.

Within a few months, most students can start to learn a variety of guitar tips for easy guitar chord songs. At the point you start to learn some songs, the pain of practice and waiting for results will start to decrease. Gratification will set in and a lifetime of enjoying being a guitar player begins.

Realistically speaking, there is no simple or easy way to learn to play the guitar. It may be the easiest instrument to learn to play bad, or the hardest instrument to learn to play good. The bottom line is there is no easy way to get around practicing. In fact, some people such as myself enjoy practicing the guitar. I would call myself a chronic practicer more than an accomplished guitar player. This the reason I enjoy my everyday practice time.

Learning to read guitar tabs is one way to make the process easier. I had to learn without reading tabs or any type of music. It was all scales and the different modes of scales. I also was drilled heavily on certain exercises that increase your muscle memory. I still do my exercises and scales as a warm-up before I start my daily or bi-daily practice routines.

The style I was taught is not for many folks. Most people want to read tabs, learn some chords and play the rhythm to some of the songs they enjoy. I only made through my early lessons through sheer tenacity and my will not to give up. it served me well, but every song and lick and all my improvisational playing, I learned myself. I learned a lot of it by downloading tabs of the internet.

When it came right down to learning a new song, I was impatient and wanted the tabs to that song right now. I has dealing with my passion for that song tablature and found it was painful not finding the tabs immediately. I solved part of my problem by using guitar lessons for adults, an exclusive adult guitar lesson system for adults only.

I still run into problems finding accurate tabs for plenty of songs. It is maddening and frustrating. Some times I get poorly transcribed tabs or only part of it. If I had my way I would have the tabs I like available on this website, In fact I would have accurate and easy to find tabs for everyone on my site. I know plenty of you guitar players out there would be thrilled to have a tabs site where you could easily find the music you wanted fast with no BS gimmicks attached. Let me know how you feel about this vibe in the comment box. I would appreciate it. Thanks and Enjoy.

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